Saturday March 24th, 2018 9:48AM

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The Associated Press
The Latest: Tom Brady says Trump comments 'divisive'
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is at odds with President Donald Trump on the issue of player protests of the national anthem
12:04PM ( 5 months ago )
Treatment restores signs of awareness in brain-injured man
French doctors say they restored some signs of consciousness in a brain-injured man who hadn't shown any awareness in 15 years
12:04PM ( 5 months ago )
Pats' Tom Brady calls Trump's NFL comments 'just divisive'
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is at odds with President Donald Trump on the issue of player protests of the national anthem, calling Trump's comments on the issue "just divisive."
12:02PM ( 5 months ago )
Trump hangs on to feud with NFL, revives issue with tweets
President Donald Trump tweets that his objection with kneeling NFL players "has nothing to do with race."
12:02PM ( 5 months ago )
Puerto Ricans hunt for precious Wi-Fi and cell signals
Thousands of Puerto Ricans are spending hours hunting for a resource nearly as precious as power and water in the wake of Hurricane Maria: communications
12:01PM ( 5 months ago )
Key events in ex-US Rep. Anthony Weiner's career, downfall
Key events in former US Rep. Anthony Weiner's rise and fall
11:58AM ( 5 months ago )
The Latest: Brexit envoy says EU rules apply for transition
The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator says that EU rules will apply without exception during any eventual transition period after Britain officially leaves the bloc in 2019
11:54AM ( 5 months ago )
The Latest: Lewis says Trump NFL coments 'beneath dignity'
Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, a prominent civil rights leader, says that President Donald Trump's comments about protesting NFL players were "beneath the dignity of the president."
11:54AM ( 5 months ago )
The Latest: Curfew in Iraq's Kirkuk after Kurds' vote
The head of the Kirkuk police department says the governor imposed a curfew in the Iraqi city following the closing of polls in a controversial referendum on Kurdish independence
11:50AM ( 5 months ago )
The Latest: Pelosi calls for military help in Puerto Rico
The top Democrat in the House is calling upon President Donald Trump to deploy the military to help with the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico
11:48AM ( 5 months ago )