Saturday February 16th, 2019 6:32AM

Gainesville school board transfers $2 million to general fund as planned

By Alyson Shields Reporter

Gainesville City School Board members moved forward last night with a plan that put $2 million back in the general fund.

Last year, the board resolved to use money from the general fund when, two years ago, the project costs of the new buildings for Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy and Mundy Mill Academy ended up running higher than expected. That money was used to pay off some of the debt.

"What this transfer does is, it allows the SPLOST elections that are in excess - in this case, $2 million is coming from SPLOST elections - back in to the general fund, because we already passed the resolution for the general fund to offset those costs," said Superintendent Jeremy Williams.

Now, Williams said about once a year they will take the excess receipts and put them in the general fund to offset that amount. 

As part of the city of Gainesville, the school system follows the city's direction when it comes to qualifying fees, and this year the fees are up for the three seats up for re-election.

"Every two years, we have seats that come up for election, so this November we will have three seats that will roll over starting in January," said Williams. "So three of our seats as they come up, the qualifying fee to run is approved and set by the city, and then we just follow suit to go along with the fees the city sets."

The seats up for re-election are District 2, held currently by John Filson; District 3, held currently by Willie Mitchell; and District 5, held currently by Sammy Smith.

Before any election or re-election though, the board will take part in a self-assessment. Williams said the goal is to have the board identify weak and strong areas so they can function better as a group, even though they vote separately.

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