Tuesday February 19th, 2019 2:14PM

City of Suwanee 2016 Annual Report wins national award

By AccessWDUN Staff

The City of Suwanee's 2018 Annual Report has received a national award from the City-County Communications & Marketing Association.

The 2016 Savvy Award for Graphic Design – Publications was presented recently at the 3CMA Annual Conference in Milwaukee.

The Savvy Awards recognize outstanding local government achievements in communications, public-sector marketing, and citizen-government relationships. 

Dubbed "The World's Most Amazing Annual Report," Suwanee's financial accounting document was written and illustrated in the style of a classic Marvel comic book. The report tells the story of Suwanee, where children frolic in fountains, music plays in the town square, and "happiness is at an all-time."  Woven within the 16-page narrative are the facts and figures of a traditional annual report.

"A traditional annual report is just a bunch of numbers, and it's boring!" said Abby Wilkerson, Public Information Officer and the author of the city's 2016 annual report. “In our version, the numbers are still there, but the comic book tells the story in a more entertaining way."

The 3CMA judges agreed, noting in their comments: “Love to see a city with a sense of humor and guts to go with it. The backgrounds behind the characters were great. Love all the artwork. Lots of fun to read...compelling...and I'm sure even more so for your residents. Creative and unique approach.”

Over 700 entries in 40 categories were submitted for Savvy Awards this year. 3CMA utilized volunteer judges from across the United States to review every entry. 

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