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Dawson Fletcher takes third Pro Legends win at AMS

By Dustin Bixby
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HAMPTON, Ga. - Dawson Fletcher led from the pole in last week’s Thursday Thunder VP Racing Fuels Pro division feature at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and went on to score his third win of the season.

The win gives the Canton, Georgia driver the division points lead as the series reached the halfway point of the season.

“The first half of the race was great,” said Fletcher, “but with every caution I was getting scared. I knew Cody (Hall0 had a fast car and Rafe (Slate) had a fast car.”

Hall and Slate finished second and third, respectively. The pair flip-flopped second throughout the night but neither could figure out how to get past Fletcher once they got right up on his back bumper.

“It was really just who could put it together there at the end,” said Fletcher. “Luckily I was able to hold off Cody and the car was super-fast all night.”

In other action, Matthew Bryson dominated the Rookie Bandolero feature. Bryson led all 20 laps en route to his second win of the season. Lee Brown finished second, with Gianni Esposito in third.

With rain washing out Bandolero action last week, the GRT Racing Development Outlaws and the Bandits divisions made up their week 5 feature races.

Blaize Maddox swept both GRT Racing Development Outlaws races. In the first race, Maddox edged out Justin Gareis in second and Tyler Newcomer in third. In the second feature, Kenny Brady came home in second, with Gareis in third.

Carson Ruark dominated the first Bandits feature of the night to score his third consecutive win of the season. Jaiden Reyna finished second, with Kelley Puckett third. Reyna won the second feature, with Ruark in second and Matthew Kade in third.

Austin MacDonald led for only a couple of hundred in feet the Associates Group Young Lions feature. But it was the final hundred feet of the race and it earned him a trip to victory lane.

MacDonald lingered near the front of the field throughout the race despite a handful of cautions in the event. As time expired, a final caution forced a green-white-checker finish.

Michael Gannon who led for much of the race, held the lead on the ensuing restart and the green-white-checkered. MacDonald closed the gap on the final lap as he sprinted down the backstretch. He made a move on Gannon dropping to the inside and muscling to the lead on the exit of turn four and crossing the stripe as the leader.
On paper it looked like an easy win for D.J. Canipe in the Semi-Pro feature as he led every lap to notch his first win of the season.

“It was a good race and I know that they were really close and I just had to run my line around the race to keep them behind me,” said Canipe. “You just have to be smart and use your mind.”

Canipe overcame half a dozen restarts and challengers banging his back bumper. He held off David Rochester, Sammy Smith and Andrew Dollar as the trio could not find a lane to get past the leader.

After his worst finish of the year last week in eighth and a trio of second place finishes, Robbie Woodall returned to victory lane in the Masters division for the first time since opening night.

“That was a much easier race than opening night,” said Woodall. “Bill (Plemons, Jr.) had some back luck earlier tonight that set me up for an easy drive.”

In addition, Woodall, snapped the record breaking and four race winning streak of Bill Plemons, Jr. The oldest competitor to post a win in a Legends car, Plemons sets a new mark with each subsequent win.

The Thursday Thunder Legends Series presented by Papa John’s Pizza continues with Week 7 on Thursday, July 12. Visit for more information.

Atlanta Motor Speedway – Hampton, GA
Thursday Thunder – July 5, 2018

Week 6 Results

1. Dawson Fletcher – Canton, GA
2. Cody Hall – Griffin, GA
3. Rafe Slate – Eatonton, GA
4. Jensen Jorgensen – Stockbridge, GA
5. Joshua Hicks – Senoia, GA
6. Hunter Johnson – Griffin, GA
7. Russell Fleeman – Dacula, GA
8. Gauntt Hudgins – Savannah, GA
9. Taylor Jorgensen – Stockbridge, GA
10. Corey Heim – Marietta, GA
11. Jeff Holden – Gainesville, GA
DNS: William Plemons III – Acworth, GA

Young Lions
1. Austin MacDonald – Pictou, NE
2. Michael Gannon – Canton, GA
3. Janson marchbanks – Anderson, SC
4. Gage Roberts – Milledgeville, GA
5. Blaze Crawford – Fayetteville, GA
6. Annabelle Mohwish – Cumming, GA
7. Nathan Jackson – McDonough, GA
8. Ian Hampton – Stockbridge, GA
9. Lawson Ingold – Social Circle, GA
10. Max Hennebaul – Monroe, GA
11. Ashton Whitener – Monticello, GA
12. Hunter Burns – Thomaston, GA
13. Lucas Ruark – Suwanee, GA
14. Clay Thompson – Bowersville, GA
15. Ryan Rackley – Valdosta, GA
DNS: Zac Bacon – Buchanan, GA

1. D.J. Canipe – Fallston, NC
2. Andrew Dollar – Atlanta, GA
3. Davis Rochester – Lebanon, TN
4. Sammy Smith – Johnston, IA
5. Ryan Heim – Parkertown, NJ
6. Cale Hall – Griffin, GA
7. Jay Coen – Dacula, GA
8. Nick Woodall – Canton, GA
9. Ricky Springer – McDonough, GA
10. Max Brady – Marietta, GA
11. Jason Treschl – Lagrange, GA
12. Pierce Brewer – Locust Grove, GA
13. Parker Brewer – Locust Grove, GA
14. Amber Fleeman – Dacula, GA
15. Trey Tadrzak – Stockbridge, GA

1. Robbie Woodall – McDonough, GA
2. Bill Plemons, Jr. – Locust Grove, GA
3. Mark Swan – Athens, GA
4. Wade Brewer – Locust Grove, GA
5. Raymond Heim – Marietta, GA
6. Tony Armbruster – Covington, GA
7. Randy Shubert – Stone Mountain, GA
8. Dennis Hecht – Hoschton, GA
9. James Meredith – Locust Grove, GA
10. Barry Bowen – Jackson Lake, GA
11. Robert Anderson – Covington, GA

Week 5 Make Up Results
1. Carson Ruark – Suwanee, GA
2. Jaiden Reyna – Yorktown, VA
3. Kelley Puckett – McDonough, GA
4. Landon Rapp – Concord, NC
5. Ryan Younginer – Locust Grove, GA
6. Carter Griffis – Homerville, GA
7. Matthew Kade – Hampton, GA
8. Bailey North – Hampton, GA
9. Denton Clem – Kathleen, GA
10. Sarah Sullivan – Gulf Shores, AL

Week 6 Results
1. Jaiden Reyna – Yorktown, VA
2. Carson Ruark – Suwanee, GA
3. Matthew Kade – Hampton, GA
4. Ryan Younginer – Locust Grove, GA
5. Carter Griffis – Homerville, GA
6. Bailey North – Hampton, GA
7. Denton Clem – Kathleen, GA
8. Sarah Sullivan – Gulf Shores, AL
9. Landon Rapp – Concord, NC
10. Kelley Puckett – McDonough, GA

Rookie Bandolero
1. Bryson Matthews – Dallas, GA
2. Lee Brown – Acworth, GA
3. Gianni Esposito – Dacula, GA
4. Kyle Bacon – Buchanan, GA
5. Shelby Schell – Dublin, GA
6. Preston Altman – Ashburn, GA

Week 5 Make-Up Results
1. Blaise Maddox – Locust Grove, GA
2. Justin Gareis – Charlotte, NC
3. Tyler Newcomer – Woolsey, GA
4. Kenneth Henderson – Alto, GA
5. Carson Ramsey – Charlotte, NC
6. Keaton Hendrix – Homerville, GA
7. Mason Maggio – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
8. Tony Yawn – Roanoke, AL
9. Kenny Brady – Marietta, GA
10. Shelby Ruark – Suwanee, GA
11. Justin Campbell – Griffin, GA
12. Santiago Hill – Charlotte, NC

Week 6 Results
1. Blaise Maddox – Locust Grove, GA
2. Kenny Brady – Marietta, GA
3. Justin Gareis – Charlotte, NC
4. Kenneth Henderson – Alto, GA
5. Santiago Hill – Charlotte, NC
6. Mason Maggio – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
7. Carson Ramsey – Charlotte, NC
8. Tyler Newcomer – Woolsey, GA
9. Shelby Ruark – Suwanee, GA
10. Keaton Hendrix – Homerville, GA
11. Justin Campbell – Griffin, GA
12. Tony Yawn – Roanoke, AL

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