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Justin Carroll sweeps Late Model features at Hickory

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Justin Carroll doubled up on Saturday night, as he scored the win in both NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Model features at North Carolina’s Hickory Motor Speedway.

Carroll would set fast time in qualifying for the first feature, and take the early lead with Monty Cox in tow. The race would go caution free, with Carroll taking the victory. Tanner Gray finished in second, with Zach Bruenger in third, Cox in fourth and Jacob Heafner in fifth.

A nine car inversion would put Eric Gerchak on the pole for the second feature, with Chris Hudspeth on the outside of the front row. The duo would battle back and forth for the early lead, with Gerchak finally nosing ahead. Meanwhile, Carroll was working his way forward from the back of the pack. Up front, Jacob Heafner would move to the lead, but soon found himself being overhauled by Carroll and Tanner Gray. Carroll would go on to score the win, with Heafner in second, Gray in third, Annabeth Barnes Crum in fourth and Chris Hudspeth in fifth.

In other action, Taylor Gray scored his first Limited Late Model feature win at Hickory, with Pat Rachels in second, Gage Painter in third, Brandon Lemke in fourth and Zachary Dabbs in fifth.

Jeff Sparks took top honors in the Street Stock feature, with Troy DeMarmels, Kevin Eby, Marshall Sutton and Trey Buff rounded out the top five.

The Allison Legacy Series also competed at Hickory on Saturday night, with Justin Taylor taking the victory. Kyle Campbell came home in second, followed by Brett Suggs in third, Ethan Elder in fourth and Kayla Lyons in fifth.

Hickory Motor Speedway is back in action on Saturday, May 19. Visit for more information.

Hickory Motor Speedway – Newton, NC
Race Results – May 12, 2018

Late Model Race One
1. 57C Justin Carroll
2. 2G Tanner Gray
3. 55B Zachary Bruenger
4. 21 Monty Cox
5. 95H Jacob Heafner
6. 18R Alex Reece
7. 12B Annabeth Barnes Crum
8. 28H Chris Hudspeth
9. 21G Eric Gerchak
10. 29M Mitch Walker

Late Model Race Two
1. 57C Justin Carroll
2. 95H Jacob Heafner
3. 2G Tanner Gray
4. 12B Annabeth Barnes Crum
5. 28H Chris Hudspeth
6. 29M Mitch Walker
7. 21 Monty Cox
8. 21G Eric Gerchak
9. 18R Alex Reece
10. 55B Zachary Bruenger

Limited Late Model
1. 15G Taylor Gray
2. 34 Pat Rachels
3. 12P Gage Painter
4. 22L Brandon Lemke
5. 23 Zachary Dabbs
6. 29F David Flynn
7. 44 Josh Kossek
8. 47J Chase Janes
9. 5B Hannah Bell
10. 00H Andy Holt
11. 11S Sam Smith
12. 4H Leland Honeyman
13. 4W Dylon Wilson
14. 12L Mason Ludwig
15. 18D Cody DeMarmels
16. 14 Vince Midas
17. 19C Jessica Cann

Street Stocks
1. 7S Jeff Sparks
2. 18 Troy DeMarmels
3. 3 Kevin Eby
4. 64 Marshall Sutton
5. 69 Trey Buff
6. 74B Jared Broadbent
7. 77P Mark Whitten
8. 21C Drew Cox
9. 44C Dillon Crouch
10. 2J Ethan Johnson
DNS: 32H David Harrell

Allison Legacy
1. 3 Justin Taylor
2. 15 Kyle Campbell
3. 33 Brett Suggs
4. 8 Ethan Elder
5. 11 Kayla Lyons
6. 14 Ashley Pantoulas
7. 35 Peter Kipp
8. 95 Laith Trabelsi
9. 13 Jack Galunke

1. 9 Cody Combs
2. 6M Brian Mundy
3. 11 Robert Trivette
4. 28T Dennis Trivette
5. 29H Allison Houston
DQ: 25 Dennis Ward

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