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Congressman demands accessibility for disabled patrons at Elberton Post Office

By B.J. Williams News Director
Congressman Doug Collins of Gainesville is making a second push for better accessibility at the post office in Elberton.
Collins, who represents Georgia's 9th congressional district, has written a follow-up letter to the U.S. Postal Service, asking that the post office be equipped with the means to make the facility accessible to those with physical handicaps.

"As you may recall, I wrote to you on October 3, 2017 regarding the Elberton, Georgia Post Office, after it was brought to my attention that no ramp, walkway, or elevator exists that permits traditional handicap access at that location. In that letter, I requested your assistance in reviewing the availability of proper handicap access at the Elberton facility, and I asked that the Postal Service make the necessary changes to facilitate appropriate, safe, and comfortable access to this post office for all whom it serves," wrote Collins.

Collins' second letter was sent a year after his first appeal to Postal Service officials.

Collins said he is more frustrated by the delay in action because he has worked with local officials who are willing to help pay for the projects that would make the building more easily accessible for those with physical handicaps.

"The City of Elberton and a number of local organizations are willing to donate the resources needed to make the physical improvements to the facility. The community would fully implement these proposed improvements in order to provide disability access without prompting potentially extensive and costly efforts associated with changes to the Post Office’s [Americans with Disabilities Act] and [Architectural Barriers Act] exemptions," the letter said. 

Follow this link to read the full content of the congressman's letter to the U.S. Postmaster General. 

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