Tuesday December 11th, 2018 3:21PM

Hall County issues number of tax-related reminders

By AccessWDUN staff

Hall County residents are being reminded that they have from now until April 1 to close the books on a number of tax-related matters, including filing for homestead exemptions.

According to a new release from the county, Jan.1-April 1 is when property owners need to file for Homestead Exemption, a Personal Property Reporting Form, sign up for an Agriculture Covenant or file a Taxpayer Return of Real Property with the Board of Tax Assessors Office. 

Reasons to file are as follows:

*If you haven't already done so. There are several different types of homestead exemptions ranging from Regular Homestead Exemption, Senior Citizens, Total School Tax, and Disabled Persons and Disabled Veterans Exemption. Only the Regular Homestead Exemption can be applied for online. To do so go to then to the Tax Assessors page and look for the "Online Regular Homestead Application" link. All other Homestead Exemptions must be applied for in person at the Tax Assessors office at the Hall County Government Center.

*If you are the owner of a Boat, Jet Ski/Wave Runner, Aircraft or a Business you are required to file the Personal Property Reporting form on or before April 1. It is important to file so to ensure that your information is correct and you get a fair assessment.

*If your property qualifies you can apply for the Conservation Use covenant. Property that is being used in a bona fide agriculture process qualifies for this agriculture covenant assessment reduction. Certain rules and qualification requirements apply.

*While not necessary you might want to file a Taxpayer Return of Real Property if you would like your real property valuation reviewed for 2018. If you still have any damage to your property as a result of the recent storms related to Hurricane Irma, please let the Tax Assessors Office know as adjustments could be made depending on the severity of the damage.  

The Board of Tax Assessors office is located on the first floor at the Hall County Government Center.

If you are unsure what you should do or which exemption you should apply for, you can contact the Tax Assessors office at 770-531-6720.





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