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Stinchcomb scores Hobby feature win at Winder-Barrow

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Chad Stinchcomb jumped to the early lead, then led wire-to-wire in a caution free race to score the Hobby Stock feature victory Saturday night at Georgia’s Winder-Barrow Speedway.

Stinchcomb held off Dustin Cason on the opening lap to take the lead, and then worked to put some distance between himself and the second place car.

Cason first had to hold off a challenge from Jerome Hanson, and then set sail to close the gap to the leader.

Cason would close, and challenged several times for the top spot, but could never get a run alongside of Stinchcomb.

In the end, it was Stinchcomb scoring the victory, with Cason just behind him in second. Hanson finished in third, followed by Keith Brewer in fourth and Cowboy Manders in fifth.

In other action, Brant Carey held off Tyler Canup to record the Limited Late Model victory. Chris Woods finished third, with Scott Frady fourth and Ken Lampp fifth.

Michael Lewis was the winner in the Modified Street feature. Chris Jones was second, with Aaron Criswell third, Kevin Shaw fourth and Jordan Poole fifth.

Jeff Casper took the victory in the Stock V8 feature. Zach Brown, Ronnie Poole, Mark Chancey and Russell Baker rounded out the top five.

Shane Peppers topped the Stock 4A field to take the win, with Allen Cantrell in second, Randy Peppers in third, Rogan Cothran in fourth and Joseph Dyer in fifth.

Coty Sanders was the winner in the Stock 4B feature, followed by Randall Jenkins in second, Elliott Brayboy in third, James Robinson in fourth and Grant Roberts in fifth.

Winder-Barrow Speedway returns to action on Saturday, August 12, as the raceway plays host to the Lucas Oil Southern States Midget Series. For more information, visit

Winder-Barrow Speedway – Winder, GA
Race Results – August 5, 2017

Hobby Stock
1. #0 Chad Stinchcomb
2. #47 Dustin Cason
3. #4 Jerome Hanson
4. #25 Keith Brewer
5. #39 Cowboy Manders
6. #44A Andy Barton

Limited Late Models
1. #1A Brant Carey
2. #112 Tyler Canup
3. #17 Chris Woods
4. #1 Scott Frady
5. #1k Ken Lampp
6. #357 Chad Puckett
7. #99 Ronnie Poole
8. #7 John Anderson

Modified Street
1. #10 Michael Lewis
2. #17 Chris Jones
3. #78 Aaron Criswell
4. #07 Kevin Shaw
5. #99 Jordan Poole
6. #8 Jacob Jackson-DNF
7. #521 Paige Cox-DNF
8. #12 Michael Buckley-DNF
DQ: #85 Paul Bennett

Stock V8
1. #09 Jeff Casper
2. #23 Zach Brown
3. #55 Ronnie Poole
4. #20 Mark Chancey
5. #73 Russell Baker
6. #7 Trey Pilgrim
7. #9 T.J. Overby

Stock 4A
1. #22 Shane Peppers
2. #3 Allen Cantrell
3. #31A Randy Peppers
4. #03 Roger Cothran
5. #35 Joseph Dyer
6. #32 Dakota Taylor
7. #15 Larry Miller

Stock 4B
1. #12 Coty Sanders
2. #71 Randall Jenkins
3. #2 Elliott Brayboy
4. #10 James Robinson
5. #9 Grant Roberts
6. #6 Brandon Franklin
7. #17 Adam Jones
8. #17B Martin Smith
9. #72 Brandon Cox
10. #55 Franklin Sargent
11. #14 Dustin Kennedy
12. #T5 Tommy Peppers-DNF
13. #83B Vince Henderson-DNF
DQ: #83 Josh Clark

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