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2017 football preview: Schedules by week and by team

By AccessWDUN Staff


Friday, Aug. 18

Banks County at Jackson County
Buford vs. Hillgrove (Kell Classic), at Georgia State, 8:30 p.m.
Clarke Central at Winder-Barrow
Discovery at Jefferson
Habersham Central at East Hall
Hayesville (N.C.) at Towns County
Hebron Christian Academy at East Jackson 
Franklin County at White County
Gilmer at Fannin County 
Lanier at Northview
North Forsyth at Sequoyah
North Hall at Chestatee
Social Circle at Johnson
West Hall at Gainesville

Saturday, Aug. 19
Mill Creek vs. McEachern (Kell Classic), at Georgia State, 5:45 p.m.
North Gwinnett vs. Walton (Kell Classic), at Georgia State, 8:45 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 25

Apalachee at River Ridge
Commerce at Banks County
Dawson County at Forsyth Central
East Hall at Chestatee
East Jackson at Lakeview Academy
Flowery Branch at North Hall
Franklin County at Stephens County
Gainesville at Alpharetta
Jackson County at Madison County
Jefferson at Riverwood
Johns Creek at North Forsyth
Johnson at West Hall
Lumpkin County at White County
Melbourne Central Catholic (Fla.) at Buford
Mill Creek at Stephenson
Mt. Pisgah Christian at Rabun County
North Gwinnett at Milton
Prince Avenue Christian at Riverside Military Academy
South Gwinnett at Lanier
Union County at Gilmer
Winder-Barrow at Walnut Grove

Friday, Sept. 1

Chattooga at Dawson County
Chestatee at Flowery Branch
Commerce at Hebron Christian
Fannin County at Ringgold
Gainesville at Clarke Central
Hillgrove at North Gwinnett
Jefferson at Thomson
Johnson at Banks County
Lakeview Academy at Athens Academy
Loganville at North Forsyth
Lumpkin County at Jackson County
Mill Creek at Dacula
Northview at Winder-Barrow
Rabun County at Stephens County
Riverside Military Academy at Providence Christian
Towns County at George Walton Academy
Union County at Hayesville (N.C.)
Union Grove at Apalachee
Washington-Wilkes at West Hall
White County at Habersham Central

Friday, Sept. 8

Andrews (N.C.) at Union County
Archer at Mill Creek
Discovery at Apalachee
East Hall at Johnson
Fannin County at Chestatee
George Walton Academy at Riverside Military Academy
Habersham Central at Franklin County
International School of Broward County (Fla.) at Buford
Jackson County at West Hall
Lakeview Academy at Commerce
Madison County at Lumpkin County
North Hall at Pickens
North Gwinnett at Norcross
Northside, Warner Robins at Lanier
Oglethorpe County at East Jackson
Rabun County at White County
Stephens County at Flowery Branch
Towns County at Prince Avenue Christian


Friday, Sept. 15

Andrews (N.C.) at Fannin County
Apalachee at Walnut Grove
Banks County at Union County
East Hall at Jackson County
Flowery Branch at Jefferson
Lanier at Lambert
Lumpkin County at Chestatee
North Forsyth at Pickens
South Pointe, S.C. at Buford 
Towns County at Riverside Military Academy
West Hall at Dawson County
White County at North Hall
Winder-Barrow at Loganville

Saturday, Sept. 16
Stephens County at Habersham Central (moved from Friday, Sept. 15)


Friday, Sept. 22

Apalachee at Monroe Area
Athens Academy at Towns County
Athens Christian at Commerce
Banks County at Monticello
Chestatee at Habersham Central
Collins Hill at Mill Creek
Dawson County at White County
Fannin County at North Hall
Flowery Branch at Johnson
Greater Atlanta Christian at Union County
Hart County at Stephens County
Jefferson at Gainesville
Lumpkin County at East Hall
North Gwinnett at Mountain View
Providence Christian at Lakeview Academy
Riverside Military Academy at Hebron Christian Academy
St. Pius at Lanier
West Hall at Rabun County
Winder-Barrow at North Oconee
Woodstock at North Forsyth


Friday, Sept. 29

Apalachee at Winder-Barrow
Clarke Central at Buford
Flowery Branch at Cedar Shoals
Gainesville at Marist
Greater Atlanta Christian at Fannin County
Jackson County at Monroe Area
Johnson at Walnut Grove
Lakeview Academy at Athens Christian
Madison County at Jefferson
Mill Creek at North Gwinnett
Morgan County at East Jackson
North Hall at Dawson County
Prince Avenue Christian at Commerce
Rabun County at Banks County
Riverside Military Academy at Athens Academy
Towns County at Hebron Christian Academy
Union County at East Hall

Friday, Oct. 6

Buford at Johnson
Chestatee at West Hall
Commerce at Providence Christian
Dacula at Apalachee
Dawson County at Union County
Discovery at Mill Creek
East Hall at Greater Atlanta Christian
Habersham Central at Gainesville
Jackson County at Franklin County
Lumpkin County at North Hall
Monroe Area at East Jackson
North Forsyth at Forsyth Central
Prince Avenue Christian at Lakeview Academy
Putnam County at Rabun County
St. Pius at Stephens County
Walnut Grove at Flowery Branch
White County at Blessed Trinity
Winder-Barrow at Lanier

Friday, Oct. 13

Athens Christian at Towns County
Banks County at Oglethorpe County
Blessed Trinity at Chestatee
Cedar Shoals at Buford
Duluth at North Gwinnett
Fannin County at Dawson County
Franklin County at East Jackson
Flowery Branch at Loganville
Gainesville at Dacula
George Walton Academy at Lakeview Academy
Greater Atlanta Christian at Lumpkin County
Jackson County at Hart County
Johnson at Clarke Central
Lanier at Habersham Central
Mill Creek at Peachtree Ridge
North Forsyth at Lambert
North Oconee at Jefferson
Rabun County at Social Circle
Riverside Military Academy at Commerce
Stephens County at Madison County
Union County at North Hall
West Hall at Marist

Friday, Oct. 20

Banks County at Social Circle
Clarke Central at Flowery Branch
Commerce at Towns County
East Hall at Dawson County
East Jackson at Haralson County
Elbert County at Rabun County
Gainesville at Winder-Barrow
Georgia Military at Riverside Military Academy
Habersham Central at Dacula
Hebron Christian Academy at Lakeview Academy
Jefferson at St. Pius
Lanier at Apalachee
Lumpkin County at Fannin County
Mill Creek at Mountain View
North Hall at Greater Atlanta Christian
Peachtree Ridge at North Gwinnett
South Forsyth at North Forsyth
Stephens County at Oconee County
Walnut Grove at Buford
White County at Chestatee

WEEK 10 
Friday, Oct. 27

Apalachee at Gainesville
Athens Academy at Commerce
Buford at Loganville
Cedar Shoals at Johnson
Chestatee at Marist
Dacula at Lanier
Dawson County at Lumpkin County
East Jackson at Jackson County
Fannin County at Union County
Jefferson at Stephens County
Lakeview Academy at Towns County
North Gwinnett at Collins Hill
North Hall at East Hall
Putnam County at Banks County
Rabun County at Oglethorpe County
Riverside Military Academy at Athens Christian
West Forsyth at North Forsyth
West Hall at White County
Winder-Barrow at Habersham Central

WEEK 11 
Friday, Nov. 3

Blessed Trinity at West Hall
Buford at Flowery Branch
Commerce at George Walton Academy
Dacula at Winder-Barrow
Dawson County at Greater Atlanta Christian
Duluth at Mill Creek
East Hall at Fannin County 
East Jackson at Hart County
Elbert County at Banks County
Habersham Central at Apalachee
Johnson at Loganville
Lakeview Academy at Riverside Military Academy
Lanier at Gainesville
Marist at White County
Monticello at Rabun County
Morgan County at Jackson County
North Forsyth at Milton
North Gwinnett at Discovery
Oconee County at Jefferson
Stephens County at North Oconee
Towns County Providence Christian
Union County at Lumpkin County

(Sorted by Classification, largest to smallest, region and then alphabetically)
*-Region contest

North Forsyth

Aug. 18 at Sequoyah
Aug. 25 vs. Johns Creek
Sept. 1 vs. Loganville
Sept. 15 at Pickens
Sept. 22 vs. Woodstock
Oct. 6 at Forsyth Central*
Oct. 13 at Lambert*
Oct. 20 vs. South Forsyth*
Oct. 27 vs. West Forsyth*
Nov. 3 at Milton*

Mill Creek

Aug. 19 vs. McEachern (Corky Kell) at Georgia State, 5:45 p.m.
Aug. 25 at Stephenson
Sept. 1 at Dacula
Sept. 8 vs. Archer
Sept. 22 vs. Collins Hill*
Sept. 29 at North Gwinnett*
Oct. 6 vs. Discovery*
Oct. 13 at Peachtree Ridge*
Oct. 20 at Mountain View*
Nov. 3 vs. Duluth*

North Gwinnett
Aug. 19 vs. Walton (Corky Kell) at Georgia State, 8:45 p.m.
Aug. 25 at Milton
Sept. 1 vs. Hillgrove
Sept. 8 at Norcross
Sept. 22 at Mountain View*
Sept. 29 vs. Mill Creek*
Oct. 13 vs. Duluth*
Oct. 20 vs. Peachtree Ridge*
Oct. 27 at Collins Hill*
Nov. 3 at Discovery*


Aug. 25 at River Ridge
Sept. 1 vs. Union Grove
Sept. 8 vs. Discovery
Sept. 15 at Walnut Grove
Sept. 22 at Monroe Area
Sept. 29 at Winder-Barrow*
Oct. 6 vs. Dacula*
Oct. 20 vs. Lanier*
Oct. 27 at Gainesville*
Nov. 3 vs. Habersham Central*

Aug. 18 vs. West Hall
Aug. 25 at Alpharetta
Sept. 1 at Clarke Central
Sept. 22 vs. Jefferson
Sept. 29 at Marist
Oct. 6 vs. Habersham Central*
Oct. 13 at Dacula*
Oct. 20 at Winder-Barrow*
Oct. 27 vs. Apalachee*
Nov. 3 vs. Lanier*

Habersham Central
Aug. 18 at East Hall
Sept. 1 vs. White County
Sept. 8 at Franklin County
Sept. 16 vs. Stephens County^
Sept. 22 Chestatee
Oct. 6 at Gainesville*
Oct. 13 vs. Lanier*
Oct. 20 at Dacula*
Oct. 27 vs. Winder-Barrow*
Nov. 3 at Apalachee*
^ - moved from Friday, Aug. 15

Aug. 18 at Northview
Aug. 25 vs. South Gwinnett
Sept. 8 vs. Northside, Warner Robins
Sept. 15 at Lambert
Sept. 22 vs. St. Pius X
Oct. 6 vs. Winder-Barrow*
Oct. 13 at Habersham Central*
Oct. 20 at Apalachee*
Oct. 27 vs. Dacula*
Nov. 3 at Gainesville*

Aug. 18 vs. Clarke Central
Aug. 25 at Walnut Grove
Sept. 1 vs. Northview
Sept. 15 at Loganville
Sept. 22 at North Oconee
Sept. 29 vs. Apalachee*
Oct. 6 at Lanier*
Oct. 20 vs. Gainesville*
Oct. 27 at Habersham Central*
Nov. 3 vs. Dacula*


Aug. 18 vs. Hillgrove (Corky Kell), 8:30 p.m. at Georgia State
Aug. 25 vs. Melbourne Central Catholic, Fla.
Sept. 8 vs. International School of Broward County, Hollywood, Fla.
Sept. 15 vs. South Pointe, S.C.
Sept. 29 vs. Clarke Central*
Oct. 6 at Johnson*
Oct. 13 vs. Cedar Shoals*
Oct. 20 vs. Walnut Grove*
Oct. 27 at Loganville*
Nov. 3 at Flowery Branch*

Flowery Branch
Aug. 25 at North Hall
Sept. 1 vs. Chestatee
Sept. 8 vs. Stephens County
Sept. 15 at Jefferson
Sept. 22 at Johnson*
Sept. 29 at Cedar Shoals*
Oct. 6 vs. Walnut Grove*
Oct. 13 at Loganville*
Oct. 20 vs. Clarke Central*
Nov. 3 vs. Buford*

Aug. 18 vs. Social Circle
Aug. 25 at West Hall
Sept. 1 at Banks County
Sept. 8 vs. East Hall
Sept. 22 vs. Flowery Branch*
Sept. 29 at Walnut Grove*
Oct. 6 vs. Buford*
Oct. 13 at Clarke Central*
Oct. 27 vs. Cedar Shoals*
Nov. 3 at Loganville*


Aug. 18 vs. North Hall
Aug. 25 vs. East Hall
Sept. 1 at Flowery Branch
Sept. 8 vs. Fannin County
Sept. 15 vs. Lumpkin County
Sept. 22 at Habersham Central
Oct. 6 at West Hall*
Oct. 13 vs. Blessed Trinity*
Oct. 20 vs. White County*
Oct. 27 at Marist*

West Hall
Aug. 18 at Gainesville
Aug. 25 vs. Johnson
Sept. 1 vs. Washington-Wilkes
Sept. 8 vs. Jackson County
Sept. 15 at Dawson County
Sept. 22 at Rabun County
Oct. 6 vs. Chestatee*
Oct. 13 at Marist*
Oct. 27 at White County*
Nov. 3 vs. Blessed Trinity*

White County
Aug. 18 vs. Franklin County
Aug. 25 vs. Lumpkin County
Sept. 1 at Habersham Central
Sept. 8 vs. Rabun County
Sept. 15 at North Hall
Sept. 22 vs. Dawson County
Oct. 6 at Blessed Trinity*
Oct. 20 at Chestatee*
Oct. 27 vs. West Hall*
Nov. 3 vs. Marist*


Aug. 18 vs. Discovery
Aug. 25 at Riverwood
Sept. 1 at Thomson
Sept. 15 vs. Flowery Branch
Sept. 22 at Gainesville
Sept. 29 vs. Madison County*
Oct. 13 vs. North Oconee*
Oct. 20 at St. Pius X*
Oct. 27 at Stephens County*
Nov. 3 vs. Oconee County*

Stephens County
Aug. 25 vs. Franklin County
Sept. 1 vs. Rabun County
Sept. 8 at Flowery Branch
Sept. 15 at Habersham Central
Sept. 22 vs. Hart County
Oct. 6 vs. St. Pius X*
Oct. 13 at Madison County*
Oct. 20 at Oconee County*
Oct. 27 vs. Jefferson*
Nov. 3 at North Oconee*

Dawson County

Aug. 25 at Forsyth Central
Sept. 1 vs. Chattooga
Sept. 15 vs. West Hall
Sept. 22 at White County
Sept. 29 vs. North Hall*
Oct. 6 at Union County*
Oct. 13 vs. Fannin County*
Oct. 20 vs. East Hall*
Oct. 27 at Lumpkin County*
Nov. 3 at Greater Atlanta Christian*

East Hall
Aug. 18 vs. Habersham Central
Aug. 25 at Chestatee
Sept. 8 at Johnson
Sept. 15 at Jackson County
Sept. 22 vs. Lumpkin County*
Sept. 29 vs. Union County*
Oct. 6 at Greater Atlanta Christian*
Oct. 20 at Dawson County*
Oct. 27 vs. North Hall*
Nov. 3 at Fannin County*

Fannin County
Aug. 18 vs. Gilmer
Sept. 1 at Ringgold
Sept. 8 at Chestatee
Sept. 15 vs. Andrews, N.C.
Sept. 22 at North Hall*
Sept. 29 vs. Greater Atlanta Christian*
Oct. 13 at Dawson County*
Oct. 20 vs. Lumpkin County*
Oct. 27 at Union County*
Nov. 3 vs. East Hall*

Lumpkin County
Aug. 25 at White County
Sept. 1 at Jackson County
Sept. 8 vs. Madison County
Sept. 15 at Chestatee
Sept. 22 at East Hall*
Oct. 6 at North Hall*
Oct. 13 vs. Greater Atlanta Christian*
Oct. 20 at Fannin County*
Oct. 27 vs. Dawson County*
Nov. 3 vs. Union County*

North Hall
Aug. 18 at Chestatee
Aug. 25 vs. Flowery Branch
Sept. 8 at Pickens
Sept. 15 vs. White County
Sept. 22 vs. Fannin County*
Sept. 29 at Dawson County*
Oct. 6 vs. Lumpkin County*
Oct. 13 vs. Union County*
Oct. 20 at Greater Atlanta Christian*
Oct. 27 at East Hall*

Union County
Aug. 25 at Gilmer
Sept. 1 at Hayesville, N.C.
Sept. 8 vs. Andrews, N.C.
Sept. 15 vs. Banks County
Sept. 22 vs. Greater Atlanta Christian*
Sept. 29 at East Hall*
Oct. 6 vs. Dawson County*
Oct. 13 at North Hall*
Oct. 27 vs. Fannin County*
Nov. 3 at Lumpkin County*

East Jackson

Aug. 18 vs. Hebron Christian Academy
Aug. 25 at Lakeview Academy
Sept. 8 vs. Oglethorpe County
Sept. 16 at Glynn Academy (Glynn County Stadium) - CANCELLED
Sept. 29 vs. Morgan County*
Oct. 6 vs. Monroe Area*
Oct. 13 vs. Franklin County*
Oct. 20 at Haralson County
Oct. 27 at Jackson County*
Nov. 3 at Hart County*

Jackson County
Aug. 18 vs. Banks County
Aug. 25 at Madison County
Sept. 1 vs. Lumpkin County
Sept. 8 at West Hall
Sept. 15 vs. East Hall
Sept. 29 at Monroe Area*
Oct. 6 at Franklin County*
Oct. 13 at Hart County*
Oct. 27 vs. East Jackson*
Nov. 3 vs. Morgan County*

Banks County

Aug. 18 at Jackson County
Aug. 25 vs. Commerce
Sept. 1 vs. Johnson
Sept. 15 at Union County
Sept. 22 at Monticello*
Sept. 29 vs. Rabun County*
Oct. 13 at Oglethorpe County*
Oct. 20 at Social Circle*
Oct. 27 vs. Putnam County*
Nov. 3 vs. Elbert County*

Rabun County
Aug. 25 vs. Mt. Pisgah Christian
Sept. 1 at Stephens County
Sept. 8 at White County
Sept. 22 vs. West Hall
Sept. 29 at Banks County*
Oct. 6 vs. Putnam County*
Oct. 13 at Social Circle*
Oct. 20 vs. Elbert County*
Oct. 27 at Oglethorpe County*
Nov. 3 vs. Monticello*


Aug. 25 at Banks County
Sept. 1 at Hebron Christian Academy*
Sept. 8 vs. Lakeview Academy*
Sept. 22 vs. Athens Christian*
Sept. 29 vs. Prince Avenue Christian*
Oct. 6 at Providence Christian*
Oct. 13 vs. Riverside Military*
Oct. 20 at Towns County*
Oct. 27 vs. Athens Academy*
Nov. 3 at George Walton Academy*

Lakeview Academy
Aug. 25 vs. East Jackson
Sept. 1 at Athens Academy*
Sept. 8 at Commerce*
Sept. 22 vs. Providence Christian*
Sept. 29 at Athens Christian*
Oct. 6 vs. Prince Avenue Christian*
Oct. 13 vs. George Walton Academy*
Oct. 20 vs. Hebron Christian Academy*
Oct. 27 at Towns County*
Nov. 3 at Riverside Military*

Riverside Military
Aug. 25 at Prince Avenue Christian*
Sept. 1 at Providence Christian*
Sept. 8 vs. George Walton Academy*
Sept. 15 vs. Towns County*
Sept. 22 at Hebron Christian Academy*
Sept. 29 at Athens Academy*
Oct. 13 at Commerce*
Oct. 20 vs. Georgia Military College
Oct. 27 at Athens Christian*
Nov. 3 vs. Lakeview Academy*

Towns County
Aug. 18 vs. Hayesville, N.C.
Sept. 1 at George Walton Academy*
Sept. 8 at Prince Avenue Christian*
Sept. 15 at Riverside Military*
Sept. 22 vs. Athens Academy*
Sept. 29 at Hebron Christian Academy*
Oct. 13 vs. Athens Christian*
Oct. 20 vs. Commerce*
Oct. 27 vs. Lakeview Academy*
Nov. 3 at Providence Christian*

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