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Family, authorities renew calls for information on missing Jackson County man

By Derreck Booth Anchor/reporter
May 20 marks the four-year mark since a Jackson County man went missing, and his family continues to draw attention to the case.
Joshua Scott Adams' older sister Sabrina Parker said the passing of time has not made her brother's disappearance any easier.
"Every day we hope that maybe we'll hear something, maybe a tip will come in that will lead us to finding him."
Adams, 25 at the time of his disappearance, was last seen in 2013.
"The day before he went missing he was spotted at a gas station, so we do have video of him at the gas station," Parker said.  "Later on he was at a bank, so he is also on video going through the teller line at the bank, but that's the last time anyone saw him."
Authorities found Adams' car, wallet, ID and cell phone on Brockton Loop near family property in the Jefferson area, his shoes found on the bank of a nearby pond.  No evidence was found in a search of the pond or the area.
Shortly before his disappearance , he'd completed several weeks in rehab in Michigan, according to the Bring Josh Adams Home Facebook page. Parker said he was trying to get his life together.
"He was a big ol' guy.  You would never think he was such, you know, a sweet caring (guy).  He loved his family, loved being at home.  He was sociable.  He didn't have any enemies.  He was just a good guy, just a big teddy bear," Parker said.
Tips in the case continue to come in, one as recent as last month, according to Parker.  The Jackson County Sheriff's Office follows every tip and keeps the family updated, she said.
"They're (sheriff's office) actually starting fresh, just going back over from the beginning just hoping that maybe someone will think of something or someone's ready to come forward and tell something they know."
As the time rolls by, Parker said the family believes foul play is involved in Adams' disappearance.
"He wouldn't just ever run off.  Like I say, he was very close to our family.  We all live on the same road.  He would never just leave and not tell us."
The family has offered a reward of up to $50,000 in the case.  The amount is for information that leads to Adams' return and the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for his disappearance.  $30,000 is available for information leading to his return with no arrest or conviction.
Adams is described as 6' 2" tall and 240 pounds.  He has short brown hair and brown eyes.  Adams has a tribal tattoo on his shoulder and one on his foot that reads, "Ava." 
Parker urged anyone with information on the case to contact the Jackson County Sheriff's office or message the Bring Josh Adams Home Facebook page.
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