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VISION 2030 launches survey for community input

By B.J. Williams News Director
So, what's next for Hall County when it comes to retail and entertainment and living space?
Leaders of VISION 2030, a community initiative to provide a common vision for for Gainesville and Hall County by the year 2030, are looking for some answers from area residents in the form of a quick survey, entitled "What's Next Hall County?"
The seven-question survey asks for opinions on topics such as the best things about Gainesville-Hall County, areas where Gainesville-Hall County can use improvement and more.
Anyone who lives, work or plays in the community is invited to participate, but Melissa Tymchuck, the chair for the effort, said the group really wants input from millennials.
"This survey idea originated with a new committed that we have formed in VISION 2030 called our Millennial Committee," Tymchuck said. "We are really seeking to get input from this generation of millennials, which is anyone born from the year 1980 to the year 1995, recognizing that this is a growing population in our community."
Tymchuck said they're also hoping to get feedback from newcomers to Gainesville-Hall County, people who might not have been living in the area when VISION 2030 was launched in 2005.
"We have a lot of folks who are new to this community and weren't part of that original input process, so this is a great opportunity to get feedback from people who are new to the community and maybe haven't even heard of VISION 2030," Tymchuck said. 
The survey will remain active until the end of March. 
"The feedback and input that we receive will give us a great opportunity to take a close look at our 'Big Ideas' [formulated in 2005]'s a good time to check and see if these ideas that we're working towards really are most important," said Tymchuck. 
*The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce VISION 2030 program was initiated in 2005. According to the Vision 2030 website, the group is comprised of "a coordinated group of volunteers leading long-term initiatives, defined by the citizens, to position Gainesville-Hall County as the most enviable community in Georgia by the year 2030."
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