Monday September 25th, 2017 2:39PM

End in sight for Gainesville sinkhole repair

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GAINESVILLE - Georgia DOT says it expects to finish repairing a sinkhole on the west side of Gainesville Thursday.<br /> <br /> The sinkhole appeared Aug. 4 in a shopping center parking lot at John Morrow and Pearl Nix parkways.<br /> <br /> "Crews have one layer of asphalt down," GDOT spokesman Teri Pope said Wednesday afternoon. "The asphalt is too hot and needs to cool overnight. Tomorrow (Thursday) GDOT maintenance forces will finish paving then stripe the parking area to complete the repairs."<br /> <br /> The sinkhole, which was about 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep, is partly on private land and partly on GDOT right-of-way.<br /> <br /> Pope says plans are to reopen the shopping center's closed driveway and parking lot by noon Thursday, weather permitting. Though traffic was slowed at times because of the work, the sinkhole did not encroach onto either of the roads at that intersection.
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