Tuesday October 24th, 2017 7:05AM

DDS hires new manager for Gainesville center

By Derreck Booth Anchor/reporter
GAINESVILLE - Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) officials Friday announced the hiring of a new center manager for the Gainesville, Hall County, Customer Service Center (CSC).<br /> <br /> Adan Palacio brings 22 years experience from the U.S. Marine Corps to the position, according to DDS.<br /> <br /> As Manager, Palacio is responsible for all daily operations of the center, including scheduling and management, administrative and financial duties and customer service performance.<br /> <br /> "His excellent organizational skills and strong people focus has already proven instrumental as DDS strives to improve customer service and enhance process efficiencies," DDS Commissioner Rob Mikell said.<br /> <br /> DDS officials said the Gainesville, Hall County CSC served over 7600 customers last month.
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