Friday September 22nd, 2017 2:42PM
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White County looking at road paving

By Dean Dyer, WRWH
CLEVELAND - Paving several gravel roads in the county was discussed by the White County Commissioners at a meeting Monday. <br /> <br /> At the end of that meeting, District 4 Commissioner Craig Bryant said, "We've talked and talked about it until we are blue in the face."<br /> <br /> Bryant proposed to the commission that the county look at eight roads or sections of roads, getting bids for both triple surface (tar and gravel) and asphalt paving. <br /> <br /> "We have come up with a preliminary list," Bryant said. "We're gonna do some bidding on them and we're going to see what we can do because we have made a commitment to the taxpayers and we've got the SPLOST money to do it and it's time." <br /> <br /> "If we can pull this off, we will get a lot of people out of the dirt and mud this winter," Bryant said. <br /> <br /> The commission agreed and will make the decision about what roads get paved when the bids come in. <br />
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