Sunday October 22nd, 2017 1:31PM

Some in GOP say expanding voter base helps party

By The Associated Press
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Republican leaders are cringing over Senate candidate Chris McDaniel's complaints that ``liberal Democrats'' voted in the Mississippi GOP primary runoff and helped Sen. Thad Cochran win a nomination for a seventh term. <br /> <br /> GOP consultant John Feehery says tea party members' complaints about black participation in primaries make Republicans look, in his words, ``racist and stupid.'' <br /> <br /> Cochran's fellow Mississippi Republican senator, Roger Wicker, says there's nothing wrong with trying to expand the GOP voting base. <br /> <br /> Turnout in Mississippi's majority-black counties grew by 43 percent from the June 3 primary to Tuesday's runoff, while in majority-white counties, it grew 17 percent. <br /> <br /> Tea party-backed McDaniel isn't conceding, telling supporters he want to make sure the Republican primary was decided by Republican voters.
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