Tuesday October 17th, 2017 7:58PM

Cleveland approves trial one-way street

By Dean Dyer WRWH Radio
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CLEVELAND - The City of Cleveland has decided to give the one-way street idea next to Freedom Park in downtown Cleveland a try. <br /> <br /> At a special called meeting with very little discussion last week, Councilman Rush Mauney made a motion to make the section of Quillian Street from East Underwood to East Kytle Street one-way north on a temporary bases. <br /> <br /> Mauney said it will be a temporary measure until the first of October. He also said if they get no more than 10 people expressing opposition they will look at making it permanent. <br /> <br /> Mauney said his major concern is the Methodist Church and businesses around it and the people who live on Underwood Street. <br /> <br /> The council will re-examine the situation at its first meeting in October. <br /> <br /> White County Commissioner Terry Goodger was at the city council's called meeting. He said they had just striped the newly-paved section of street for two-way traffic, but would go back and paint over that and make the changes.<br /> <br /> The city council took virtually no time to decide to return money committed for sidewalk and street improvements around the park to the county. <br /> <br /> The money had been returned by county commissioners last month following the city voting not to allow the one-way street alongside Freedom Park. <br /> <br /> The city council had contributed $144,744 to assist with the county project. <br /> <br /> Mauney made the motion to return the un-cashed check to be used as it was intended.<br /> <br /> Mayor Don Stanley said following the meeting he hopes this puts to rest both issues for a while at least. <br /> <br /> "Well I hope this will put them to rest, I sure do, and we'll see how it works out as of the first of October and if it goes well we'll just continue on with it," Stanley said.<br /> <br /> Mauney had one request of the county concerning the use of the park. <br /> <br /> "We would request that the county adhere and recognize the event ordinance we have and do their best to stick to that ordinance for continuity," Mauney said.
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