Saturday September 23rd, 2017 9:18PM

FAE Manufacturer established in 1989 celebrates 25th anniversary

By Ken Stanford Reporter
OAKWOOD - Visitors came from around the world to FAE USA's recent open hosue and anniversary celebration in Oakwood.<br /> <br /> Oakwood Mayor Lamar Scroggs and representatives of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce were also on hand for the ceremony.<br /> <br /> The event was highlighted by an equipment demonstration. At the first demo site, a rock crusher worked five inches deep to crush rocks and grind asphalt. The Perma-Zyme product demonstration showed how the grinded asphalt could be recycled to rebuild a road.<br /> <br /> The second demo site was in a wooded area, showcasing various FAE attachments for brush cutting and mulching.<br /> <br /> "We are continuously developing new products to satisfy the needs of our customers" said Giorgio Carera, CEO of FAE USA.
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