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McCoy motors to Limited Late Model victory at Toccoa

By Brandon Reed Reporter
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TOCCOA - David McCoy doubled up on wins for the weekend. One day after winning at Lavonia Speedway, McCoy was again standing in victory lane, this time at Toccoa Speedway in Toccoa, GA, after winning the Limited Late Model feature at the legendary high banked dirt track.

McCoy beat Clayton Turner to the finish line to pick up the victory, with Melvin English coming home in third, with Michael Smith in fourth and Corey Roulette in fifth.

In other action, Kyre Mullaney outdistanced Nick Sellers for the win in the Crate Late Model feature. Parker Herring followed the leaders to the checkered flag to finish in third, with Jimmy Ivester in fourth and Drew Benefield in fifth.

In Modified Street action, Mark Wilbanks came home with the feature victory. Billy Buffington finished in second, with Kevin White in third, Shannon Defoor in fourth and Sammy Calhoun in fifth.

Greg Ivester scored the victory in the Hobby/602 feature. Daniel Fowler, Nick Sellers, James Simpson and Mike Davidson rounded out the top five.

Mitchell Godfrey topped the field for the Stock 4 feature win. Jackie Holden finished in second, followed by Bobby Boshears in third, Marcus Hughes in fourth and Daniel Reynolds in fifth.

Matthew Ferguson beat all comers to score the Beginner 4 feature win. Kenny Phillips crossed the line in second, with Douglas Stewart in third, Taylor Stewart in fourth and Chris Jones in fifth.

Robbie Cook took home top honors with the Front Wheel Drive victory. Harley Holden finished second, with Jackie Holden third, Kalon Homes fourth and Lisa Calhoun in fifth.

Toccoa Speedway returns to action on Friday, May 2.

Toccoa Speedway - Toccoa, GA
Race Results - April 26, 2014

Limited Late Models
1. 187-David McCoy
2. 102-Clayton Turner
3. 17-Melvin English
4. 12-Michael Smith
5. 5-Corey Roulette
6. 11-Gus Simpson
7. 1-David Conley
8. 97-Daniel Fowler

Crate Late Models
1. 22-Kyre Mullaney
2. 71-Nick Sellers
3. 2-Parker Herring
4. 37-Jimmy Ivester
5. 371-Drew Benfield
6. 107-Dustin Mincey
7. 81-John Howard
8. 11-Ricky Harvey
9. 21c-Cameron Crowe
10. 15-Jesse Ivester
11. 99-Lance Finn
12. 187-David McCoy
13. 21-Dink McKeehan
14. 16-Colby Cannon
DNS: 85Steve "Hot Rod" Lamance, 159-T.J. Freeman

Modified Street
1. 6-Mark Wilbanks
2. 10-Billy Buffington
3. 4-Kevin White
4. 44-Shannon Defoor
5. 1-Sammy Calhoun
6. 08-Steve Sellers
DQ: 9-Drew Whitfield
DNS: 49-Darryl Matheson, 21-Daryl Ivester

1. 44-Greg Ivester
2. 97-Daniel Fowler
3. 71-Nick Sellers
4. 11-James Simpson
5. 27-Mike Davidson
6. 25-Scott Kennedy
7. 82-Justin Smith
8. 17W-Justin Whitfield
9. C2-Chad Corn
10. 17H-Stanley Hill

Stock 4
1. 14-Mitchell Godfrey
2. W5-Jackie Holden
3. zero7-Bobby Boshears
4. 44-Marcus Hughes
5. 20-Daniel Reynolds
6. 27-Holten Bradshaw
7. 1-Kyle Gilbert
8. 17-Brandon Stroud
9. 2-Jamie Massey
10. 3-Benji Stewart
11. zero8-Randy Boshears
12. 10B-Tony Babb
13. 10R-Jamie Reynolds
14. 9-Tim Stewart
DNS: 33-Randy Edmonds, 41J-Jeremy Johnson

Beginner 4
1. 0-Matthew Fergurson
2. 12-Kenny Phillips
3. 3-Douglas Stewart
4. 29T-Taylor Stewart
5. 13-Chris Jones
6. 11-Gus James
7. 4S-John Sanford

1. 81-Robbie Cook
2. H0-Harley Holden
3. 67-Jackie Holden
4. 11-Kalon Holmes
5. 5-Lisa Calhoun
6. 86-Josh Pruitt
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