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Hicks hustles to Young Guns victory at Hartwell Speedway

By Heather Rhoades
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HARTWELL - After sitting on the sidelines for several weeks due to an ACL injury suffered during early baseball season, Hart County high school sophomore Jeremy Hicks proved to everyone he is back on top of his game, as he took home his first Young Guns feature victory of the season at Hartwell Speedway in Hartwell, GA Saturday night.

Mallarie Burdette and Adam Partain would make up the front row for the start of the feature. At the drop of the green Partain would quickly take over the lead followed by Payton Freeman and Burdette while Hicks quickly picked his way through the field.

Within a few laps, Hicks and Freeman were side by side for second just behind Partain when suddenly Partain experienced some mechanical problems and had to pull into the pits. From there, Hicks overpowered Freeman as he drove away for the win. Jessica Still finished in third, with Travis Hubbard in fourth and Burdette in fifth.

In other action, Jimmy Johnson outdistanced Brandon "Cornbread" Haley to score the Limited Late Model feature win. Keith Freeman crossed the finish line in third, with Bubba Russell in fourth and Anthony Craft in fifth.

Adam Smith topped the field for the SECA Late Model victory. Grant Jordan came home in second, with Frankie Beard in third, Chris Cape in fourth and Greg Pilgrim in fifth.

In the Modified Street feature, Michael Segars beat out Rusty Jordan to pick up the win. Paul Byrum came across in third, with Kole Hardy in fourth and Jack Hill in fifth.

Keith Teasley was the winner in the Stock V8 feature. Cal Moon, Terry Brown, Rocky Jones and Hunter Leonard rounded out the top five.

Chris Wilson topped the field for the Stock Four Cylinder feature victory. J.J. Garrett came home in second, with Brent Couch in third, Shane Strickland in fourth and Cody Hall in fifth.

Michael Mosley scored the Up Front feature win, beating Travis BarBare to the checkered flag. R. Steven Powell finished in third, with Wayne Chapman in fourth and Joel Powell, Sr. in fifth.

Hartwell Speedway returns to action on Saturday, May 3 with a full race program, plus extra money and double points on the line for the Modified Street feature.

Hartwell Speedway - Hartwell, GA
Race Results - April 26, 2014

Young Guns
1. #1 Jeremy Hicks
2. #F1 Payton Freeman
3. #08 Jessica Still
4. #8 Travis Hubbard
5. #5 Mallarie Burdette
6. #87 Adam Partain

Limited Late Model
1. #98 Jimmy Johnson
2. #51 Brandon Haley
3. #F1 Keith Freeman
4. #32 Bubba Russell
5. #6 Anthony Craft

SECA Late Model
1. #14 Adam Smith
2. #05 Grant Jordan
3. #21 Frankie Beard
4. #5 Chris Cape
5. #28 Greg Pilgrim
6. #31 Brad Morehead
7. #4 Danny Sanders
8. #D5 Drew Collins
9. #10 Bryce Alewine

Modified Street
1. #1 Michael Segars
2. #5 Rusty Jordan
3. #25 Paul Byrum
4. #30 Kole Hardy
5. #0 Jack Hill
6. #64 Stephen Segars
7. #87 John Teasley
8. #19 Jennifer Everett
9. #149 O'Neal Capps
10. #93 Richard Jones
11. #18 Jeremy Jones

Stock V8
1. #8 Keith Teasley
2. #69 Cal Moon
3. #9 Terry Brown
4. #101 Rocky Jones
5. #95 Hunter Leonard
6. #H2 Holly Bales
7. #11 Keith Ross
8. #22 Ray Foskey
9. #27 George Fortson
10. #114 Ricky Mauldin

Stock Four Cylinder
1. #B6 Chris Wilson
2. #28 J.J. Garrett
3. #28C Brent Couch
4. #19 Shane Strickland
5. #38 Cody Hall
6. #119 Cy Strickland
7. #122 Brad Brown
8. #22 Scott Hollars
9. #15 Ryan Boles
10. #23 Mason Tucker
11. #23A Jeffery Lord
12. #104 Dustin Bales
13. #51 Jonathan Colley

Up Front
1. #00 Michael Mosley
2. #21 Travis BarBare
3. #13 R. Steven Powell
4. #73 Wayne Chapman
5. #89 Joel Powell, Sr.
6. #777 James Goodwin
7. #8 Stacey Foster
8. #27 Neil Meeks
9. #13 B. Chris Hill
10. #7X Jake Abernathy
11. #13 Clayton Jones
12. #7 Justin Raiden
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