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Derek Hagar tops USCS Sprint Cars for win at Tennessee National

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HOHENWALD, TN - Derek Hagar from Marion AR drove his #9Jr. sprint car from outside the second row into the United Sprint Car Series victory lane at Tennessee National Raceway in Hohenwald, TN in the Sprint Car portion of the USCS "Tennessee 200" on Saturday night.

It was Hagar's 22nd career USCS Sprint Car win and again cast him as the favorite to repeat as the series national champion during the 18th annual United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Tour National championship season. It was his second USCS win of the young 2014 season in just two starts.

Hagar spent most of the first half of the race chasing Terry Gray and pole sitter Dalton Davis. Gray led the first 15 laps looked to be on his way to victory lane until he became entangled with a lapped car on lap 16. The contact sent him spinning, and handed the lead over to Davis

A flip by Henry Gustavus in turn three brought out the red flag, and restacked the lead on the restart.

Davis held the lead on the drop of the green flag, but it was Hagar making the pass for the top spot off turn four with three laps remaining. Hagar would power away to score the win. Davis came home in second, with Danny Smith in third. Gray finished fourth, with Morgan Turpen in fifth.

Tim Crawley, Anthony Nicholson. Brandon Hanks, Eddie Gallagher Jerod Roller rounded out the top 10.

The USCS 600 Mini-Sprints were in action on both nights, with Joe B. Miller Millersville, MO sweeping both races on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday night, Miller held off the charges of Brad McDaniel and Bobby Zaiontz for the victory. It was Miller's first USCS 600 win of the season. McDaniel claimed the evening's runner-up spot with Chris Openshaw in third. Zaiontz slipped back a position to fourth place at the finish and Kyle Carpenter finished in fifth.

Sean Hosey, Bo Barber, Hayden Martin, Jordan Massom and Darl Parvin rounded out the top 10.

On Saturday, Miller scored the $1,000 payday by holding off Openshaw for the 600 Mini-Sprint victory.

Zaiontz finished in third, with Dusty Young in fourth and Hosey in fifth.

Massom, Martin, Bo Barber, and Reece Womack closed out the top 10 finishers.

The K&N Filters USCS Outlaw Modified Series were in action at Tennessee National on Friday and Saturday night, as West Tennessee native Matt Cooper scored the Friday night victory.

Cooper, from McKenzie, TN, started on the pole, but, that didn't make his first trip to the USCS victory lane for the 2014 season an easy one. Cooper was beaten to the first turn of the 20-lap contest by outside front row starter Lucas Lee and then had to rally from fourth place on lap 13 past NASCAR veteran Ken Schrader, Preston Seratt and Lee to claim the win after being penalized for a jumped re-start on lap 10.

The race, which may have been the most thrilling of all-time during the nine seasons of USCS Outlaw Modified Series competition, saw Cooper chase Lee for the first five laps before two-time series champion Ben Reed came to the inside of the lead duo to challenge for the top spot. On lap nine, Reed's battle ended when he pulled his #07 to the pits with cooling problems. Cooper then received the penalty for passing Lee prior to reaching the re-start cone.

Over the final ten laps Cooper held off fast qualifier Schrader, then charged past Seratt and Lee in a daring move entering turn three of the 1/3 mile clay oval into the lead. He then charged for the final seven laps to victory lane. Lee finished in second, with Seratt in third, Schrader in fourth and Michael Turner in fifth.

Jon Gray, Josh Tomlin, Joseph Leister, Jim Gulley and Tyler Wood rounded out the top 10.

On Saturday, it was NASCAR veteran and dirt track legend, Ken Schrader who raced to the victory. It was Schrader's career third USCS Modified Series win. Two victories and a fourth place finish pushed him to the top of the series point standings after three events.

Schrader started outside of the front row next to pole sitter Michael Turner. Schrader beat Turner to the first turn and then led all 25 laps of the $1000 to win feature to score the win. Turner chased the veteran racer for 17 laps from the runner-up position until Reed charged into second, but there was catching Schrader.

Turner finished in third, with John Alexander in fourth place Lee in fifth.

Cooper, Tomlin, Gray, Seratt and Tyler Wood closed out the top 10.

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour Winged Sprint Cars, the USCS 600 Mini-Sprints and the K&N Filters USCS Outlaw Modified Series will all be back in action for the Boot Heel 200 at Poplar Bluff Speedway in Poplar, Bluff, MO. The Winged Sprint Cars will be in action on March 22, with the Mini-Sprints and Outlaw Modifieds racing on March 21-22.

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour
Tennessee National Raceway - Hohenwald, TN
Tennesee 200 - March 15, 2014

1. 9Jr. Derek Hagar
2. 12 Dalton Davis
3. 4 Danny Smith
4. 10 Terry Gray
5. 10m Morgan Turpen
6. 88 Tim Crawley
7. 16 Anthony Nicholson
8. 3H Brandon Hanks
9. 1x Eddie Gallagher
10. 5 Jerod Roller
11. 44 Ronny Howard
12. 23 Tim Sites
13. Jim Perricone
14. Greg Merritt
15. 42 Henry Gustavus
16. 28 Jeff Willingham
17. 25 Ray Bugg
18. 96 Samantha Sites
19. 11 Jake Roach
20. 12b Don Ryder

USCS 600 Mini-Sprints (March 14)
1. 51b Joe B. Miller
2. 32x Brad McDaniel
3. 17c Chris Openshaw
4. 1 Bobby Zaiontz
5. 13 Kyle Carpenter
6. 6 Sean Hosey
7. 14 Bo Barber
8. 67 Hayden Martin
9. 44 Warren Frye, Jr.
10. 14d Darl Parvin
11. 12 Kyle Amerson

USCS 600 Mini-Sprints (March 15)
1. 51b Joe B. Miller
2. 17c Chris Openshaw
3. 1 Bobby Zaiontz
4. 131 Dusty Young
5. 6 Sean Hosey
6. 16x Jordan Massom
7. 67 Hayden Martin
8. 14 Bo Barber
9. 22p John Potter
10. 33 Reece Womack
11. 78 Mallory Gustavus
12. 32x Brad McDaniel

USCS Outlaw Modifieds (March 14)
1. 18 Matt Cooper
2. 12 Lucas Lee
3. 29 Preston Seratt
4. 9 Ken Schrader
5. , 27 Michael Turner
6. 00 Jon Gray
7. 29T Josh Tomlin
8. 89 Joseph Leister
9. 44 Jim Gulley
10. 17jr Tyler Wood
11. 99R Justin Roberts
12. 07 Ben Reed
13. 00 Justin Cross
14. 10 Michael Dodd
15. 21 Troy Dow
16. 1 Jeff Wells, Jr.
17. B25 Todd Bates
18. P3 Mike Powers

USCS Outlaw Modifieds (March 15)
1. 9 Ken Schrader
2. 07 Ben Reed
3. 27 Michael Turner
4. 15 John Alexander
5. 12 Lucas Lee
6. 18 Matt Cooper
7. 29T Josh Tomlin
8. 00G Jon Gray
9. 29 Preston Seratt
10. 17jr. Tyler Wood
11. 44 Jim Gulley
12. 89 Joseph Leister
13. 99R Justin Roberts
14. 00 Jason Skinner
15. 00c Justin Cross
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