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Justin Sorrow scores wild Late Model Stock opener at Anderson Motor Speedway

By Brandon Reed Reporter
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WILLIAMSTON, SC - The first race of the new racing season is always exciting. But Friday night's opener at Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamston, SC went above and beyond the call of duty, topped with defending track Late Model Stock champion Justin Sorrow starting his season with a victory.

The Late Model Stock feature was action packed from start to finish. The first big moment occurred when Joe Wilder and Daniel Alvarez tangled coming off the second turn, sending Alvarez up and over, landing on his roof and sliding down the backstretch. Both drivers were okay, but their nights were over.

The next big incident occurred as leader Randy Porter and second place R.A. Brown worked to the inside of the lapped car of Lance Jones on the backstretch. Jones drifted down, making contact with the leaders, triggering a three car melee. All three cars were unable to continue.

The excitement wasn't over yet, as Dylan Hall clipped Kenneth Headen, sending Headen into the wall.

Sorrow worked his way through the trouble to score the victory. Ryan Shattuck finished in second, with David Roberts in third, Justin Milliken in fourth and Dylan Hall in fifth.

In other action, Chad Campbell beat out David Darnell to score the Mini-Stock feature victory. B.J. Thrasher came home in third, with Ben Kay in fourth and Luke Sorrow in fifth.

In Renegades action, Robin Darnell came away with the victory, with Steve Gutherie in second. Blake Gregory finished third, with Andrew Cordell in fourth and Chris Whitfield in fifth.

Alan Mitchell topped the field for the BM Modified feature win. Matt Meyer crossed the finish line in second, with Tim Stokes in third, Brandon Segars in fourth and Jamie Winslett in fifth.

In US Legends action, Riley Halverson beat out a strong field of competitors to take home the victory. Lee Jordan finished in second, with Rex Brown in third, Cory Parham in fourth and Trey Eidson in fifth.

Shaun Mize took a wild ride in the Front Wheel Drive feature, as his car flipped. He escaped injury. Meanwhile, Donovan Beacham scored the victory. B.J. Davis finished in second, with C.J. Huitt, Brian King and Terry Hawthorne rounding out the top five.

Anderson Motor Speedway is back in action on Friday, March 21, with action from the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Model Stocks, along with Mini-Stocks, US Legends, Renegades, Super Renegades and Front Wheel Drives.

Anderson Motor Speedway - Willamston, SC
Race Results - March 14, 2014

Late Model Stock
1. #9 Justin Sorrow
2. #52 Ryan Shattuck
3. #18 David Roberts
4. #02 Justin Milliken
5. #4 Dylan Hall
6. #97 Marty Ward
7. #35 Tasha Kummer
8. #99B Kenneth Headen
9. #36 Anthony Anders
10. #32 Randy Porter
11. #60 R.A. Brown
12. #99R Lance Jones
13. #83 Joey Brown
14. #14 Joe Wilder
15. #33 Daniel Alvarez
16. #3 Brandon Fox
17. #42 Jeremy Drummond

Mini Stocks
1. #17 Chad Campbell
2. #28 David Darnell
3. #19 BJ Thrasher
4. #71 Ben Kay
5. #9 Luke Sorrow

1. #4 Robin Darnell
2. #5 Steve Guthrie
3. #36 Blake Gregory
4. #33 Andrew Cordell
5. #1 Chris Whitfield
6. #71 Troy Carnes
7. #29 Bryan Beckner
8. #95 Mark Sullivan

BM Modifieds
1. #20 Alan Mitchell
2. #29 Matt Meyer
3. #7 Tim Stokes
4. #64 Brandon Segars
5. #88 Beany Gillespie
6. #38 Jamie Winslett

US Legends
1. #20 Riley Halverson
2. #81 Lee Jordan
3. #75 Rex Brown
4. #5 Cory Parham
5. #53 Trey Eidson
6. #32 Kevin Ellison
7. #00 Randy Gunton
8. #52 Craig Bruce
9. #21 Karl Moberg
10. #50 Justin Ashley
11. #18 Bernard Wilson
12. #7 Dwayne Rumsey
13. #28 Zack Skolnick
14. #15 Danny Cisson

Front Wheel Drive
1. #221 Donovan Beacham
2. #28 B.J. Davis
3. #73 C.J. Huitt
4. #7 Brian King
5. #95 Terry Hawthorne
6. #01 Robert Hall
7. #63 Jack Hooper
8. #4 Chris Harvell
9. #55 Casey Burkett
10. #97 Jim Fitzgerald
11. #98 J.T. Fitzgerald
12. #96 Brandi Presnell
13. #17 Chris Beacham
14. #8 Ricky Mann
15. #54 George Oliver
16. #69 Tommy Davis
17. #57 Johnny Satterfield
18. #18 Michael Bruton
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