Thursday September 21st, 2017 1:31PM

Mobile home tax bills going out early because of pending postage rate hike

By Staff
GAINESVILLE - The pending increase in postage rates is prompting Hall County to mail mobile home tax bills a week earlier this year.

They will be going out Friday but the due date remains the same - May 1. The increase in postage rates is effective Monday.

Mobile home owners are issued year-specific decals to display on their mobile home to show compliance after all taxes have been paid in full. The current year decal must be placed in a location that is visible from the roadway.

Payments may be made by mail, in person at the Hall County Government Center, or online at

If you have questions about the mobile home tax or decals, call call 770-531-6950 or email

Office of the Hall County Tax Commissioner
P.O. Box 1579
Gainesville GA 30503

Hall County Government Center
2875 Browns Bridge Rd - 1st floor
(drop boxes are provided outside the front entrance and in the tax commissioner's office)

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