Sunday October 22nd, 2017 8:09AM

Heavy rain damages Gainesville High School gym

GAINESVILLE - The heavy rain just keeps causing problems of one kind or another, and now it's proven costly for the Gainesville City School System and a nearby property owner.

School Superintendent Merriane Dyer said last week torrential rains sent water into the high school gymnasium and underneath the gym floor, causing about $10,000 in damage.

"The gym floor is a wood floor, and we had just had it refinished and repainted the week before," said Dyer.

Dyer said the water poured into the gym from a child care center next door.

The school system's insurance company told the school board Thursday to have their attorney draft a letter to the owners of the child care center.

"I have called and talked with them when it happened to let them know... and then I talked to them again after our meeting today, just to let them know what was the outcome of the meeting," said Dyer. She also said there was no animosity between the two. "We'll work through what issues we have I'm sure."

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