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IronDawgs continue their dominance, storm through final day of APC

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ATHENS -- Georgia IronDawg powerlifter, 19-year old Logan Herford of Oakwood, decided he wasn't going to fool with lifting in the teenage division at the American Powerlifting Committee (APC) National Championships in Athens. Instead Herford opted to lift on Sunday in the Open Class and that decision proved record shattering.

Not only did Herford smash existing world records, he had the best score of body-weight to weight lifted in the entire meet and took home the coveted open best lifter award in the Sunday fullpower divisions. Herford also led the Georgia IronDawgs to a sweep of the team awards at the 2013 APC Nationals as the 'Dawgs took home the fullpower first place trophy to go along with the benchpress team championship they won Friday when Ariel Bulmash and Tim Moon also won best lifter plaques.

"Order is restored," said bench team captain, R. Garry Glenn. "With this sweep, both the national championships are back in Gainesville where they belong."

The Georgia IronDawgs are based in Gainesville at Iron Beast Barbell, where many of them train.

It was a dominating performance for Herford on Sunday. In fact, when the totals came in, he had lifted over 10 times his bodyweight. After weighing in at 71.3 kilograms or about 157.19 pounds, Herford totaled a World Record 725 kg or about 1,598.34 pounds He didn't even take his last deadlift, as he is already looking ahead to a body-building competition in three weeks in Alabama, which will necessitate a change of diet and training. He also did that weight lifting in the raw or unequipped class, without benefit of the special lifting shirts and suits which give extra support and aid.

Herford finished with world records across the three lifts with a squat of 267.5 kg /589.73 pounds, a benchpress of 170 kg / 374.78 pounds and a deadlift of 287.5 kg /633.82 pounds. He also took a fourth, non-scoring squat, which bumped the world mark to 272.5 kg or about 606.27 pounds.

The runner-up in the men's raw open 75 kg / 165.35 pound weight class was over 209 pounds behind Herford's total.

He described the 10-times bodyweight as a "huge goal."

"The past two nights, I've actually probably got a total of about five hours of sleep; just staying up thinking about (lifting) 10 times my bodyweight," a very happy Herford said.

Herford knew what he had to get on each lift and when he lifted a little more than expected on both the squat and bench, the goal was in sight. He actually achieved it with his first deadlift of 276.5 kg or just a few ounces under 610 pounds.

"I knew I had to get 610," he noted. "I was hoping I would get it on that 610 pull, and it came."

Just to be sure, he pulled 287.5 kg / 633.82 pounds on his second deadlift before shutting it down for the day.

He was also pleased with the team title. As an ex-wrestler at West Hall, he's familiar with individual sports becoming team contests.

"I love the team aspect," Herford said. "It's great to have those guys motivating you. They're all good guys. They really get behind you on the platform."

The other IronDawgs starters on Sunday also performed well. Steve Kylis out of Venice, Fla., set world records across the board in the master's men's raw 90 kg / 198.41 pound 60-64 year old division with his squat of 210 kg / 462.97 pounds, bench of 150 / 330.69; deadlift of 529.1; and total of 600 kg or 1,322.76 pounds. Kylis would finish third in the master's men's best lifter race. Eastman, Ga., resident Tony Braswell of the 'Dawgs had the heaviest total of the day at 892.5 kg or 1,967.61 pounds in winning the men's open equipped 140 kg / 308.64 pounds class. The other three IronDawgs starters had lifted and won on Saturday with Dwon Johnson of Gainesville winning that's day's best lifter award. Shaina Gonzalez Haymore and Tyler Cummings also won their classes. The Sunday results gave the 'Dawgs six first places from their six designated starters.

On Sunday, the IronDawg reserves also had great days. Mark Driggers of Eastman, Ga., would finish as runner-up in the master's best lifter category as he took the national title in the master's men's 40-44-year-old 90 kg weight class with his total of 825 kg /1,818.8 pounds. The master's best lifter plaque was taken home by a raw lifter John Rowland of Gray, who totaled a world record of 757.5 / 1,669.98 in winning the unequipped version of the same age and weight class. Since he lifted raw, his coefficient was higher. Rowland also had world records in the squat -- 300 / 661.38 on a fourth lift -- as well as bench -- 180 / 396.83 -- and deadlift -- 287.5 / 633.82.

IronDawg Kevin Eubanks of Bogart won the national title in the open 90 kg equipped class with a total of 665 kg / 1,466.06 pounds; while 'Dawg Andy Williamson of Winterville doubled up on his tournament by winning the raw master's men's 45-49 110 kg / 242.51 pounds weight class with a total of 560 / 1,234.58 -- about 11 pounds better than the runner-up. On Friday, Williamson won his class in bench-only. Flowery Branch's Chris McCann of the IronDawgs totaled 840 kg / 1,851.86 pounds to win the open equipped 125 kg / 275.58 pounds weight class, including the day's heaviest deadlift at 292.5 kg or 644.85 pounds.

Lifting unattached, Kenny Nix of Monroe set world marks in winning the master's men's raw 50-54-year-old 90 kg class with a 487.5 kg / 1,74.74 pounds total. Nix had records on fourth lifts in the benchpress (123 kg / 271.17 pounds) and deadlift (213 / 469.58.) Monroe's Willie Vinson won the national championship in the raw master's men's 70-74-year old 82.5 kg / 181.88 pounds class with a total of 225 kg / 496.04 pounds, while John Lampe, also of Monroe, took the title in the raw master's men's 45-49-year-old 125 kg class with his total of 702.5 kg / 1,548.73 pounds. Joe Gonzalez of Northville, Mich., won the championship in the master's men's 65-69-equipped 100 kg / 220.46 pounds weight class with his total of 515 kg / 1,135.37 pounds on a fourth deadlift. Gonzalez pulled a word record 200 kg or 440.92 pounds. Macon's Hunter McClesky set a national record in the bench press on a fourth lift with a press of 197.5 / 435.41. He won the raw open 100 kg / 220.46 pounds class with a total of 691 kg / 1,523.39 pounds.

The 2013 APC meet was a qualifier for the IPO Equipped World's in Athens in October and the GPA Raw World's in Finland in December.
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