Wednesday October 18th, 2017 11:46PM

Suwanee police warn of phone scam

SUWANEE - Suwanee police are telling residents to be on the alert for a man who's been making phone calls, claiming to be a police officer who's collecting fines.

Suwanee Police Capt. Cass Mooney says the scam is similar to others in the metro Atlanta area and that two separate cases are being investigated at this time, although it is not suspected that the two are the same man.

According to authorities, the caller tells the resident they'll be arrested if they don't pay the fine immediately, and then he offers to take a credit card number over the phone.

"If you're in trouble with the police department, you're going to get a summons to court and you're going to have to appear in front of a judicial body," Mooney said. "You're not just going to be threatened to make a payment over the phone."

Mooney warns residents to never give anyone their credit card numbers over the phone, no matter how official they sound.

"If you live inside the City of Suwanee and you get a phone call, then we want you to call us directly and we'll file a report that we can follow up on," Mooney said.

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