Sunday September 24th, 2017 2:49AM

State Reps. from Hartwell and Elberton launch river caucus

Representatives Allen Powell of Hartwell and Tom McCall of Elberton have formed the Savannah River Caucus. Powell said they're also hoping to get their South Carolina counterparts on board with the effort.

"Surprisingly the issues that most of them feel aren't much different than how we feel in Georgia," Powell said.

He said the idea is to pressure the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to come up with what he calls a rational drought management plan for the Savannah River and its lakes.

He also said it could help avert another water war.

"The next possible water war is going to be between Georgia and South Carolina. This could be a move of legislative caucuses of two states, working together for a common goal. It might prevent it."

Powell said so far there are nine state senators and 20 state representatives on board. He also said he's working with an Anderson County, South Carolina, State Representative to organize a similar caucus across the border.

Powell said it will require a coordinated effort of Georgia and South Carolina officials working together in Washington to get the Corps to see the need for an improved management plan.
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