Sunday September 24th, 2017 1:36PM

Report: Foul play suspected in case of missing woman

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CARNESVILLE - State and local authorities in Franklin County were busy in their investigation of a missing Carnesville woman Friday and revealed some new information.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation told Fox 5 they suspect foul play in 33 year old Bonny Anne Cooner's disappearance.

Freddy Akins told the TV station that it's on the mind of the community.

"No matter where you go, people are talking about it. This is a fairly tight knit community and things like this just don't happen around here," Akins said.

Authorities have interviewed those closest to Cooner and examined her computer, cell phone and financial records.

Akins said law enforcement have been busy.

"All of a sudden, the GBI moved in. Just one car, one thing (after another), a lot of activity."

Cooner went missing January 28. She lives with her fiance and son. Fox 5 reported that her fiance was very concerned about the recent developments. He said Cooner was not acting like herself prior to her disappearance.
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