Tuesday September 19th, 2017 6:22PM

Hardee's returning to Oakwood

By Ken Stanford Reporter
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OAKWOOD - Hardee's is returning to Oakwood - and to a familiar location.

Sheri Clark Millwood with Wayne Clark Real Estate, LLC, said Thursday the sale of the property, the location of the original Oakwood Hardee's, was completed Wednesday.

Clark says she has been a part of every sale of the property, except one, since Frank Turk first bought the site in 1983.

"There has never been any business on the site, except for Hardee's, since the building was first built in 1983. Plans call for the building to be torn down, with a new building ready to open by May 1."

The original structure has been boarded up for years since the original Hardee's closed.

"I worked for Frank for about 18 years and participated in building the Hardee's site in Oakwood," Millwood said, adding "you know how much Frank meant to me - he was just like a father to me."
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