Friday September 22nd, 2017 6:38PM

Authorities continue investigating apparent toilet seat prank

COMMERCE - Authorities in Banks County are hoping the crime lab might shed some light on a suspect or suspects in connection with an apparent prank that hurt a woman.

Someone put glue on three toilet seats in the women's restroom at the Home Depot at Banks Crossing early this month. One victim became stuck and was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Banks County Chief Deputy Shawn Wilson spoke with Channel 2 about the ongoing investigation.

"We have our investigators that are sending some of the evidence down to the crime lab for fingerprinting."

Wilson said no one has been ruled out as a suspect.

Channel 2 also spoke with the victim.

"It was scary, not knowing why you can't get up, and then the pulling of the skin when you tried to get up and then for people to ask you, 'oh, were you the one stuck to the toilet.'"

The victim continues to recover at home according to Channel 2.
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