Monday October 23rd, 2017 5:45AM

Ga. tops among states studied for potential duplicate voter records

By The Associated Press
KANSAS CITY - Earlier this year, a project anchored by the state of Kansas reviewed records from 22 states to search for duplicates, flagging some 5 million registration records as potentially problematic. The findings show Georgia tops among the states that were studied.

Here's a look at the five states that had the largest share of potential duplicates compared to the state's overall voter registration list:

- Georgia. 510,756 potential duplicates, 8.4 percent of list.

- South Carolina. 245,721 potential duplicates, 7.9 percent of list.

- Kentucky. 243,161 potential duplicates, 7.8 percent of list.

- Colorado. 279,822 potential duplicates, 7.7 percent of list.

- Alaska. 35,557 potential duplicates, 6.9 percent of list.


Source: Office of the Kansas Secretary of State
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