Sunday October 22nd, 2017 1:30PM

One should give the devil his due?

By Ted Oglesby Columnist
What's that old saying? One should give the devil his due? Well let's do just that. President Barack Obama and his legions of supporters say the enduring legacy of his first term will be the overhaul of healthcare known as the controversial Obamacare.<br /> I agree his first (and hopefully last) term will leave a true legacy benefiting our nation and possibly the world, even universe. That would be his controversial decision to privatize the space industry. The cost of NASA was tremendous and had been very successful. We did put man on the moon and we did send robots to other planets. Many new products benefiting mankind were invented and placed in the general marketplace. Despite setbacks, the space program as we knew itas an overall huge success.<br /> No longer, he said. We're going to privatize it, let free enterprise do the work with profit the motive.<br /> Many in NASA and a number of astronauts were outraged. Some astronauts went to work for several competing private companies. Like NASA the entrepreneurs are going to have successes and failures just as other private enterprise ventures do. Look at the benefits though.<br /> No longer will the government have to pour near as much taxpayer money into it. It will produce income for the entrepreneurs upon which they will have to pay taxes as with any other free enterprise industry. It will produce well-paying jobs (translate into taxpayers). <br /> Society will continue to benefit from new discoveries and inventions just as all kinds of consumer, medical and other products than came from NASA. Obama's unilateral order will do our nation and the world a great service and he ought to get full credit for it<br /> Nor is his Obamacare totally outrageous. Parts of it are needed. If Mitt Rommey should defeat him for the presidency, I hope he'll recommend to Congress keeping the good parts, improving on them and trashing only the bad parts.<br /> I've harbored doubts that Romney can beat Obama. However, I'm going to do all I can to help him do it. I don't think our country can stand another four years of Obama. We'll move ever closer to socialism. The polls show Obama scoring well ahead in foreign policy. Part of that is promising to gettout of Iraq by 2014 keeping on with Afghanistan and the politicization of a gutsy call that killed Osama bin Laden. You'd do well to re-examine his overall foreign policy effectiveness.<br /> He has alienated Israel, not doing well in relations with Russia and China. Battlefield commanders told him when he asked they said they needed 90,000 more troops to finish the job in Iraq and Afghanistan quickly. He gave them 60,000, (a full third less) causing some setbacks and slowing the job's completion thereby causing more American combat serious injuries and deaths.<br /> Obama is, reasonably successful, portraying Romney as aloof, not knowing how to be a "regular fellow" who understands the problems of the middle and lower financial classes. He charges Romney wants to lower taxes on the wealthy like him so they can raise the taxes on those "lower classes." He says Romney uses loopholes and such to reduce his taxes paying a lesser rate than even his employees.<br /> So what's wrong with planning your taxes to your financial benefit? As an income tax professional, I regularly recommend strategies to my clients to try to keep their taxes at a minimum and have been pretty successful with it.<br /> Obama's class warfare attack on Romney is a bunch of bull! The non-partisan Government Accounting Office notes that with rates as they are now the biggest earners comprise 20 percent of the population called "rich." This 20 percent pays 70 percent of all taxes. The middle class pays 30 percent and the other half (50 percent) pay no taxes and some of them actually get refunds even though they had no taxable income in the form of refundable credits for various things.<br /> I guess I fall in the 30% middle income class and like all don't like to pay taxes like most of us. I do realize we must pay some taxes to keep governmental necessities running at all levels of government. Excess spending has been the problem under Obama's watch and will get only worse.<br /> Non-economically, there is a huge reason we need to defeat Obama. In two words: the "Supreme Court." The next president could have the opportunity to nominate two, maybe three, new justices in that term. The thought of a Supreme Court majority of Obama-appointed bench sends chills through my spine. That, if nothing else, should be the prod to vote for Romney. <br />
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