Thursday January 18th, 2018 10:15PM

Gwinnett Police confiscate bath salts

LAWRENCEVILLE - For the first time, Gwinnett County Police Friday used a new power to confiscate 30 packs of bath salts. According to Fox Five, police confiscated the packets from a Lawrenceville smoke shop.

Users can smoke, inject or inhale the drug, sometimes causing psychotic behavior.

The Georgia Drug and Narcotics Agency gave authorities power to confiscate the drug from stores without a warrant.

It was an emergency measure, because manufacturers change the chemical makeup of the drug to get around the law that makes some of it illegal. The problem also includes several varieties of synthetic marijuana.

"When we get a batch, and the legislature takes it, adds it to the law of illegal substances or drugs, then the chemists, who are making this stuff, alter the compound just enough to keep it legal," Gwinnett County Police Corporal Jake Smith told Fox 5.
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