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Elections 2012: Tom Oliver

By Ken Stanford Reporter
NAME: Tom Oliver <br /> <br /> POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATION: Republican<br /> <br /> OCCUPATION: Poultry and Cattle Farmer<br /> <br /> 1) Why are you running for this office? <br /> <br /> Having completed 8 years as Chairman, I would like to see some of the unfinished projects to completion.<br /> <br /> 2) Is the first time you have run for political office? (If "no," please explain.) <br /> <br /> No. I held the South Hall Commission seat in 1991-94. Vice-Chair three of those years.<br /> <br /> 3) What qualifications for the office do you bring to the campaign? <br /> <br /> I have a vested interest in seeing Hall County grow and prosper. I am a Hall County native, I own a poultry and cattle farm and have spent many years observing the needs of the county, now as well as in the future. I am pro-business and I believe we need to be pro-active when courting companies to relocate here and we also need a clear vision as to where we want to position ourselves now and especially in the future.<br /> <br /> 4) What do you see as the biggest concern/issue facing Hall County? <br /> <br /> Quality of life and the continued provision of quality services throughout the county, creation and protection of quality jobs for Hall County as we remain in a competitive battle with the rest of the country to provide the atmosphere they are seeking. <br /> <br /> 5) Should the county continue with work on the Glades Reservoir and see it through to completion? And, please explain your answer. (EDITOR'S NOTE: This question was asked and answered before the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the water dispute involving Georgia, Florida and Alabama.)<br /> <br /> First and foremost, government should always plan for the future, not just stumble into it. We are all painfully aware of the water issues facing us. You cannot overnight procure a water source when there becomes a critical need for water. Consider how long it has taken thus far. We need to be in charge and in control of our community's needs. It would be irresponsible not to "think forward."<br /> <br /> 6) Do you favor consolidation of Gainesville and Hall County governments or the merger of certain departments or neither? And, please explain your answer.<br /> <br /> In a perfect world, it would seem the responsible thing to do, however, we do not live in a perfect world. Hall County is a creation of the Constitution and the City a creation of the legislature. The county has to remain ready to provide all services whereby the city can choose what services they will provide their citizens.<br /> <br /> 7) What, if anything, should be "off the table" as the county continues to grapple with budget problems? And, please explain your answer. <br /> <br /> Every facet of county government should be examined when determining budgetary needs. I will say that preserving the integrity of the governmental work engine which provides necessary services and fulfills the basic needs of all our citizens should be kept in tact. Taking care of our disabled citizens, providing transportation and Meals on Wheels should never be considered unnecessary expenses.
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