Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 12:45AM

Elections 2012: Richard Mecum

By Ken Stanford Reporter
NAME: Dick Mecum


OCCUPATION: Retired (35 years Law Enforcement)

1) Why are you running for this office?

Empower Tax Payers of Hall County
-- The incumbent has done a good job of representing the special interest groups and big-money campaign contributors but the ordinary citizen has been left out of the decision making process. I'll empower the tax payers and be their voice on the Board of Commissioners.
End the Reckless Spending
-- We don't have a tax problem. We have a spending problem. There are numerous examples of the incumbent chairman's reckless spending. I'll end those reckless spending practices and relieve the tax burden on citizens.
Reduce County Debt
-- The debt Hall County has amassed during the incumbent's term is shameful. This is debt that is being passed on to our children and grandchildren and we have to stop it.
Bringing Hall County Together
-- Due to bad decisions and poor communication by the incumbent Chairman, many of the eight cities in Hall County have either filed lawsuits or are at odds with the county. Over my 35 years of public service, I have developed close working relationships with most every city council member in Hall County. I understand their anger and frustration. Moreover, I am committed to representing all Hall County citizens fairly
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