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Elections 2012: Jody Cooley

By Ken Stanford Reporter
NAME:  Jody Cooley



1)  Why are you running for this office?
I love Northeast Georgia and its people. I'm very discouraged by the current political climate.  I was not satisfied with just complaining.  It's an open seat based largely in my home county, so here I am.

2) Is this the first time you have run for political office? If "no," please explain.
No, I ran for a seat on the Gainesville City School Board in a 1996 ward race. I was elected and served one four-year term.

3) What qualifications for the office do you bring to the campaign?
I have practiced business law in Northeast Georgia for twenty-six years.  I have a real interest in education and young people.  My wife is a public school teacher.  I have experience in bringing people together to solve problems.  I have a willing spirit, a curious and open mind, and a bunch of hope!

4) What do you see as the biggest concern/issue facing the 9th District?
All of us, starting with and especially me, need to love our neighbor more, and we need to expand our definition of neighbor.  That's not just "preacher talk," and it is not exclusive to any particular faith.  Our country has grown increasingly divided, and it is seriously damaging our union and restricting our future progress.  

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