Sunday December 9th, 2018 4:10PM

Hall Commission supports stricter BUI law

By Jerry Gunn Reporter
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GAINESVILLE - Hall County Commissioners made it official Thursday night; they are in full support of lowering the alcohol limit for boating under the influence on Lake Lanier.

There was a unanimous vote to send a letter to state legislators in the wake of the BUI collision that killed 13 year old Griffin and his brother nine year old Jake Prince of Buford nine days ago. Griffin's body was recovered late Wednesday by Hall County divers; Commission Vice Chairman Billy Powell read the letter that supports Governor Nathan Deal's call for a stricter law.

"We feel that a three prong approach is needed; stronger laws, stricter enforcement and increased public education," Powell said.

Commissioners want the legal limit set at .08, pointing out that driving a boat is no less dangerous than driving a car.


Commissioners heard a plea from North Hall homeowner Wayne Anderson for better fire protection in his part of the county. He said residents now have a Class 10 insurance rating which amounts to no fire protection at all, adding that previous commissioners did not follow through with plans to improve coverage.

"Our futures, my future, my home, my children's lives and my life may very well depend on the decisions that you make," Anderson said.

Commissioner Scott Gibbs said the Commission has put two new fire stations out for bid. He said money for construction and equipment could come from SPLOST (5) and revenue from the sale of the old county jail. The Commission unanimously approved the sale of the jail to the city during their Thursday session.


Commissioners halted a purchase for janitorial supplies, deciding instead to seek rebids after deciding that a proposed ordinance that would give the edge to local vendors.

Commission Vice Chairman Billy Powell said that is provided there is much difference between a local bid and an out of town bid.
Powell said the difference in the janitor supply bids was so small that it deserved reconsideration.


Commissioners were not ready to give complete approval for a million dollar federal transportation department grant contract to buy new Red Rabbit transit buses.
Commissioner Ashley Bell said they did vote to allow Community Services Director Phillippa Lewis Moss to meet a grant application deadline after a lengthy discussion following an initial motion to table the application.

Bell said commissioners wanted more information on the grant and what county obligations might be attached before they approve the contract.
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