Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 2:44AM

Those new Georgia tags

By Ken Stanford Reporter
It has been said "timing is everything." And, timing is what led us to become one of the first owners of one of Georgia's new license plates.<br /> <br /> For the first time in years, a new design is being sold. You know, the one with with lots of peaches on it with the north Georgia mountains in the background. (See link below to a story that has a depiction of what the new tags look like.)<br /> <br /> The state started issuing them May 7. As luck would have it, that coincided with the time we sent in the renewal papers on the plate for one of our cars, the one tied to Sandra's birthday, and before the end of the week we had our new tag. Not thinking anything of it, I went ahead and put it on the car.<br /> <br /> But it generated quite a bit of comment over the next few days from people who didn't recognize our car because the new tag looked like an out-of-state tag to those who remarked that they had heard about it and wanted to see it to those who said the peaches look more like pumpkins and the mountains, anthills. There were others who said it looks too much like a South Carolina tag.<br /> <br /> If you are a Facebook friend of mine this next tidbit is going to be old news but I was thinking after those first few days that I should set up shop in a parking lot somewhere and charge people to come look at the tag. There would, of course, be an extra charge to touch it. And it would cost you still more to have your picture taken with it. <br /> <br /> There's another thing about the tag. In the space at the bottom of it, the county designation reads " Hall County" instead of just "Hall."<br /> <br /> Now what I'm anxious to see is how they are going to squeeze "Effingham County" into that tiny space. Or Chattahoochee County. Or Jeff Davis County. Or Doughtery County. Makes you wish we had a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious County, doesn't it?<br /> <br /> <I>(Ken Stanford is the retired longtime Newsroom Manager for WDUN AM 550, WDUN-FM 102.9, 1240 ESPN RADIO and<I>
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