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Qualifiers for July 31 Georgia primary ready to campaign

By Staff
UNDATED - Let the campaigning begin! With the stroke of 12:00 noon Friday, qualifying for Georgia's July 31 primary came to an end.

The following list represents the candidates who have qualified to run for political offices that will impact the voters of North Central and Northeast Georgia.

Each county list is based on information supplied to by elections offices in the desingated counties.

State office information was procured through the Secretary of State's office.


District 7:

David Hancock (R)
Suwanee, GA

Rob Woodall, incumbent (R)

Steve Reilly (D)

District 9:

Doug Collins (R)

Roger Fitzpatrick (R)

Martha Zoller (R)

Jody Cooley (D)

District 10:

Paul Broun, incumbent (R)

Stephen K. Simpson (R)

District 14:

Tom Graves, incumbent (R)

Daniel "Danny" Grant (D)
Fort Oglethorpe


County Surveyor:

Jason Lourie (R)

State Court Judge:

Gene Roberts, incumbent (Non-partisan)
Charlie Wynne, incumbent (Non-partisan)

Clerk of Court:

Charles Baker, incumbent (R)


Marion Merck, incumbent (R)


Gerald Couch (R)
Chuck Hewett (R)
John Sisk (R)
Jeff Strickland (R)
Jon P. Strickland (R)

Magistrate Judge:

Margaret Gregory, incumbent (R)

Board of Education Post 3

Craig Herrington, incumbent (R)
Paul Wayne Godfrey (R)

Board of Education Post 4

Nath Morris, incumbent (R)

Tax Commissioner:

Brad Dunagan (R)
Darla Eden (R)
Kent Henderson (R)
Charles Lewis (R)

Probate Judge:

Susan Brown (R)
Brook Davidson (R)
Patty Walters Laine (R)
Lisa Maniscalco (R)

County Commission Chair:

Steve Gailey (R)
Dick Mecum (R)
Tom Oliver, incumbent (R)

County Commission Post 2:

Eugene Moon (R)
Billy Powell, incumbent (R)

County Commission Post 4:

Ashley Bell, incumbent (R)
Jeff Stowe (R)


Clerk of Superior Court:

Timothy A. Harper, incumbent (R)


S. Richard Darby (R)
Robert Clinton McCoy (R)
Billy Carlton Speed (R)

Tax Commissioner:

Becky Carlan (R)
Jackie Forrester (R)
Sheryl S. Hall (R)
Rebecca S. Taylor (R)

County Surveyor:

Andrew R. Jordan (R)
Tim S. Lewallen, incumbent (R)

County Coroner:

Bobby E. Eubanks, incumbent (R)

County Commission Chairman

Jimmy T. Hooper (R)
Jerry D. Loftice (R)
Ernest W. Rogers (R)

County Commissioner District 2:

David Duckett (R)

County Commissioner District 4:

Charles H. Turk, incumbent (R)

Board of Education District 1:

Brandon Brown (R)
Anthony Seabolt (R)

Board of Education District 2:

Wes Whitfield (R)

Board of Education District 4:

Atha Dalton(R)

Probate Court Judge:

Keith Gardiner (non-partisan)
Betty Thomas, incumbent (non-partisan)

Chief Magistrate:

Ivan Mote, incumbent (non-partisan)

BARROW COUNTY (List may not be complete)

Probate Judge:

Tammy Brown, incumbent (R)

Clerk of Superior Court:

Regina McIntyre, incumbent (R)


David Crosby, incumbent (R)

County Commission Chairman:

Pat Graham (R)

County Commission District 1:

Joe Goodman (R)
Jerry Lampp (R)

County Commission District 2:

William J. Brown (R)
Kenny Shook (R)

County Commission District 3:

Steve Worley, incumbent (R)
Scott Vickery (R)
Johnny C. Smith (D)

Tax Commissioner:

Melinda Williams, incumbent (R)


Jud Smith, incumbent (R)
James Vernard Scott, Sr (D)

Chief Magistrate:

June Davis, incumbent (R)

School Board District 2:

Garey Huff, Sr. (R)

School Board District 5:

Lynn Stevens, incumbent (R)

School Board District 6:

Rickey Bailey, incumbent (R)

School Board District 8 (At-Large)

Mitch Churchill, incumbent (R)

DAWSON COUNTY (List may not be complete)

Magistrate Court Judge:

Lisa Thurmond, incumbent (R)

Probate Court Judge:

Jennifer Burt, incumbent (R)

Clerk of Courts:

Justin Power, incumbent (R)

Board of Education Post 2

Elaine Wilson, incumbent (R)

Board of Education Post 4

Roger Slaton, incumbent (R)

County Surveyor:

Ben Trail (R)

Tax Commissioner:

Karen McKee (R)

County Commission Post 2:

James Swafford, incumbent (R)


Billy Carlisle, incumbent (R)
Johnny Glass (R)
Kevin Ellis (R)


County Commission Post 2:

Dennis T. Brown (R)
Samual Padis (R)
Brian R. Tam, incumbent (R)

County Commission Post 4:

Patrick Bell, incumbent (R)
Timothy Lee Hubbard (R)
Charles H Meagher (R)
Cindy Jones Mills (R)
William C. Mulrooney (R)

County Commission Post 5:

Jim Boff, incumbent (R)
John Derucki (R)

Board of Eduction Post 3:

Thomas Cleveland, incumbent(R)

Board of Education Post 4:

Darla Sexton Light, incumbent(R)

Board of Education Post 5:

Nancy L. Roche, incumbent (R)

Chief Magistrate:

Walker Bramblett, incumbent(non-partisan)
Barbara Cole (non-partisan)

Clerk of Superior Court:

Greg Allen, incumbent(R)


Harold Bennett(R)
Mark David Musselwhite (R)
Mary Beth Pais (R)

Probate Judge:

Lynwood Jordan, Jr., incumbent(R)


Lauren W. McDonald III (R)
Ted Paxton, incumbent (R)
Duane Piper (R)

Solicitor General:

Leslie Abernathy, incumbent (R)

State Court Judge:

Troy McClelland, incumbent (non-partisan)
Philip Smith, incumbent (non-partisan)

Tax Commissioner:

Matthew Ledbetter, incumbent (R)


County Coroner:

Kasey McEntire, incumbent (R)
Richard "Don" Pitts (R)


Paul Chesebro (R)
Donald Lane Ford (R)
Fred Franklin Pitts (R)
Joseph Michael Terrell, incumbent (R)

County Commission District 1:

"Sonny" Garnett Lamer James, incumbent (R)
"BettyLee" Elizabeth Martin (D)

County Commission District 4

Natalie Crawford (R)
Lee Mulkey, incumbent (R)

County Commission District 5

George Arnold (R)
Jimmy Kratz, Jr. (R)
Ed Nichols (R)

Magistrate Judge:

James N. Butterworth, incumbent (R)

Probate Judge:

Pam Wooley, incumbent (R)

State Court Judge:

Steven M. Campbell, incumbent (non partisan)

Solicitor General:

William "Bill" Oliver, incumbent (R)

Tax Commissioner:

June Black, incumbent (R)

Clerk of Court:

David Wall, incumbent (R)

Board of Education District 1:

Richard B. Billingslea (R)
Donald L. Corbett (R)

Board of Education District 2:

Robert H. Barron, incumbent (R)
Donald A. Higgins, Jr. (R)

Cornelia City Ward 2 (Special Election):

Janice E. Griggs
Audrey Maria Davenport
Jason R. Lewallen

JACKSON COUNTY (List may not be complete)


Ramone Gilbert (R)
Andry Garrison (R)
Janis Mangum (R)

Tax Commissioner

Don Elrod, incumbent

Clerk of Court

Camie Thomas, incumbent


Keith Whitfield, incumbent
Jim Keinard (R)


Don Moore, incumbent

Board of Commissioners


Hunter Bicknell, incumbent (R)
Tom Crow (R)

District 1

Guy Spicer (R)

District 2

Chas Hardy (Incumbent)
Max Allen (R)
Jody Thompson (R)

District 4

Lynn Wheeler (R)

State Court Judge

Rob Alexander (Incumbent)

Magistrate Court Judge

Billy Chandler (Incumbent)

Probate Court Judge

Donna Geiger (I)
Tracy Brooks (I)



Ricky Barrett, incumbent (R)

Board of Education:

Charlie Thomas, incumbent (R)

Board of Education Post 1

Johnathan Craig Estes
Jay Westmoreland

Board of Education Chair:

Kendyl Brock-Hunter, incumbent
Terrie Robin Churchwell

County Commission Post 1

Carol E. Powel
Terry Goodger, incumbent (R)

County Commission Post 4:

Craig Bryant, incumbent
Chris Nonnemaker

Commission Chairman:

Travis Turner, incumbent (R)

Probate Judge:

Garrison Baker, incumbent (R)


Neal Walden, incumbent (R)

Tax Commissioner:

Cindy Cannon, incumbent (R)

Clerk of Courts:

Dena Adams, incumbent (R)

Magistrate Judge:

Joy Parks, incumbent (non-partisan)

Tax Commissioner:

Cindy Cannon

County Surveyor:

Eddie Hood


Senate District 27:

Jack Murphy, incumbent (R)

Steve Voshall (R)

Senate District 45:

Renee S. Untermann, incumbent (R)

Senate District 47:

Frank Ginn, incumbent (R)

Tim Riley (D)

Senate District 49:

Butch Miller, incumbent (R)
Chesnut Mountain

Senate District 50:

John K. Wilkinson, incumbent (R)

Senate District 51:

Steve Gooch, incumbent (R)

State House District 7:

David Ralston, incumbent (R)
Blue Ridge

State House District 8:

Stephen Allison, incumbent (R)

Jana Hill (D)

State House District 9:

Clint Smith (R)

Kevin K. Tanner (R)

State House District 10:

Terry Rogers, incumbent (R)

State House District 24:

Mark Hamilton, incumbent (R)

State House District 26:

Geoff L. Duncan (R)

Tom Knox (R)

State House District 27:

Lee Hawkins (R)

State House District 28:

Dan Gasaway (R)

Bill Grant (R)

Jon Heffer (R)

Ken Payne (R)

Keith Segars (R)

State House District 29:

Carl Rogers, incumbent (R)

State House District 30:

Emory Dunahoo, Jr. (R)

State House District 31:

Tommy Benton, incumbent (R)

State House District 32:

Alan Powell, incumbent (R)

State House District 33:

Tom McCall, incumbent (R)

State House District 98:

Josh Clark, incumbent (R)

State House District 104:

Donna Sheldon, incumbent (R)

State House District 116:

Terry England, incumbent (R)

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