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So, how's that retirement thingy working out for ya'?

By Ken Stanford Reporter
It's been just over three months since we last visited in this space (see earlier column), one day after I left Jacobs Media Corp. after 40 consecutive years with the company and following a 47-year career in the business.<br /> <br /> I really never thought that I would have much trouble adjusting and that was certainly the case. The first week was a bit surreal... not having to answer to an alarm clock every morning, not always being the first one in the house to get up which was the case all those years I arose at 4:30 or 5:00, having breakfast at home on a daily basis for a change, etc.<br /> <br /> Do I miss anything about work? The people? Yes. Being one of the first to know and being on the front line of getting the word to others when a big story breaks? Yes. The 24/7/365 beast that is the news business? No. I had heard that the transition is much easier for some than others. Before I stepped down I was told variously that "it ain't all it's cracked up to be," "you won't know what to do with yourself," "you'll love it," "it'll be the best thing you'll ever do for yourself," etc.<br /> <br /> Don't get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed my career and especially, as I have written before, the 40 years I spent with Jacobs Media but the change has been nice, very nice. I am feeling better mentally and physically than I have in a long time. Sleeping longer, sleeping better and, of course, later. When I was working the question I was asked most frequently was "how early do you get up?" That has been replaced with "how late are you sleeping now?"<br /> <br /> I have been busy but a different kind of busy and a set-my-own-schedule busy. There were things around the house that needed doing - and there are still some. There have been a couple of projects at our daughter's home in Cumming and there will probably be more. There has been more time for our grandson, who turned four in February. <br /> <br /> But it's not been all work. We've had two or three one-day outings but no major getaways. We're still new to this and feeling our way, so to speak. I've become attached (maybe addicted) to an iPad I was given as a retirement gift. What a device! I'm spending more time (good or bad) on Facebook and Twitter (though I still am not sure of all the ins-and-outs of Twitter). Have been catching up with long, lost friends and former co-workers. Four of us Jacobs Media alum even were able to get together for lunch one day recently. And, now with spring here, there's yard work - but, unlike the past, plenty of time for it. No need to try to cram it in on the weekend or scurry around after dinner and try an get a few things done before dark. <br /> <br /> I have as you may have noticed returned to work in a part-time capacity, as planned, and that is working out well. Most of what I do, I can do from home, and on my own schedule.<br /> <br /> So, with apologies (not!) to Sarah Palin, this retirement "thingy" is working out very well, thank you.<br /> <br /> <I>(Ken Stanford is the retired Newsroom Manager for Jacobs Media Corp. in Gainesville, Ga.)<I>
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