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North Georgia all-star basketball game set for Friday at GHS

By Katie B. Davis Sports Director
All athletes, whether at the high school or college level, want to end their careers on a high note; and for most that means with a win.

The unfortunate thing about athletics, on both the high school and college levels, is that few players get to end their careers on that high note.

More times than not, seniors walk off the court, gridiron, pitch, hardwood or field never to put on a uniform again or play their respective sports competitively.

That is why former Hall County basketball standouts Mario Mays (Gainesville) and Adrian Penland (West Hall) are giving area seniors a chance to play one more game.

Beginning with the girls game at 6 p.m. Friday at Gainesville High School--the boys game will immediately follow--the North Georgia All-Star Classic will commence.

Gainesville High School girls coach Brenda Hill-Gilmore and Flowery Branch High School girls coach Hazel Hall will coach the girls, with standouts from Rabun County, Jefferson and Gainesville, among others, dotting the roster. Duke Mullis and Todd Cottrell, the boys coaches from Flowery Branch and Gainesville respectively, will coach the boys, which consists of players from Gainesville to Walnut Grove to Lakeview Academy and East Hall High School.

"We wanted to give the kids an opportunity to be recognized with a game," said Mays, who coached alongside Seth Vining at Lakeview Academy for a number of years before becoming Doug Lipscomb's assistant at Wheeler High School.

"There have always been all-area teams or all-region teams chosen, but there hasn't been a game."

Mays and Penland are hoping the North Georgia All-Star Classic will become an annual event, one where the coaches pick a senior to represent their respective school in a game.

"We want this end-of-the-year game to be motivation for the players like any recognition is," Mays said. "Next year we'll be a little more on the ball about it because we think the area kids deserve this kind of recognition."

Mays is also hoping the game will draw the attention of college coaches, further motivating players to one day be in the North Georgia All-Star Classic.

"College coaches are content with getting what they need from the Metro (Atlanta area)," Mays said. "That's frankly all we here about is the Metro. But there's enough talent in North Georgia to be getting the attention of at least Division II and Juco (junior college) coaches and we want to sort of showcase these North Georgia players to those coaches.

"We want the coaches to come looking for diamonds in the rough."

Ticket prices for Friday night's game are $7 for adults and $5 for students.

Tyler McBroom, Flowery Branch
Austin Pearson, Lakeview
TD Teasley, East Hall
Chris Orr, East Hall
Preston Smith, North Hall
Lance White, Gainesville
Javez Warren, Gainesville
Matt Hollis, Johnson
Ty Odem, Johnson
Rico Jones, West Hall

Andrew London, White County
Patrick Burn, Habersham Central
Kevin Ellison, Habersham Central
Morgan Demilio, Walnut Grove
Nick Peters, Walnut Grove
Chris Peters, Walnut Grove
Dillon Bleckley, Rabun County

Taylor Swoszowski, North Hall
McKenna Rushton, North Hall
Mary Kate Rushton, North Hall
Tiffany Hamilton, North Hall
Sarah Paschall, North Hall
Hunter Pugh, Gainesville
Rebecca Webster, Gainesville
Kynika Coleman, Gainesville
Keke Harris, Gainesville
Cara Chilton, Flowery Branch

Skylar Evanson, Jefferson
Taylor Freeman, White County
Bessie Pearson, Walnut Grove
Krista Dixon, Rabun County
Rabun Wright, Rabun County
Megan Deloach, White County
Saboyce Shelton, Apalachee
Kayla Patrick, East Jackson
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