Thursday October 19th, 2017 9:30PM

Teen makes first court appearance in stabbing case

A judge ordered a psychological evaluation Monday for a Pickens County boy accused of killing his stepfather late last week.

According to Fox 5, 16 year old Joseph Addis is accused of stabbing 36 year old Christopher Allen with a samurai sword after an argument.

Allen's brother, Robert Allen, said his brother had raised Addis as his own son. He didn't expect anything like this from Addis.

"(He was) a good person. He had things in his life that didn't go so well at points in time, but he had straightened his life out and was going to church."

Addis was being homeschooled after withdrawing from Pickens County High School earlier this fall.

Principal Eddie McDonald spoke with Fox 5.

"The time he was here (was) relatively quiet. No trouble, (he) kept to himself pretty much. He just kind of blended in with some of the other students."

Fox 5 reported that the boy's mother claimed in a police report that Christopher Allen had been drinking and took a swing at the boy. The mother claims she broke it up. Allen left and then returned.

Addis is being charged as an adult in the case.
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