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GSC professor awarded Academic Fellowship in Terrorism Studies

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GAINESVILLE - Gainesville State College (GSC) Professor of Political Science and Philosophy Dr. Kerry Stewart has been named to Academic Fellowship in Terrorism Studies.

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), a non-partisan policy institute headquartered in Washington, D.C., announced today that Stewart has been named an "Academic Fellow" for 2011-12. Stewart will travel to Israel at the beginning of June for an intensive course in terrorism studies and, in particular, how democracies can defeat the worldwide terrorist threat.

"Terrorism is the greatest threat today to the world's democracies, including the United States and our allies around the globe," said Clifford May, President of FDD. "To win the war against terrorism, we must win the war of ideas by promoting democracy and defeating the totalitarian ideologies that drive and justify terrorism."

The FDD Academic Fellows program provides a 10-day learning experience to U.S.-based teaching and research professionals to provide them with cutting edge information about defeating terrorist groups. The 2011 program, which will be conducted at Tel Aviv University from June 11 to June 22, includes lectures by academics and military and intelligence officials, as well as diplomats from Israel, Jordan, India, and the United States. It also includes "hands on" experience through visits to police, customs, and immigration facilities, military bases, and border zones to learn the practical side of deterring and defeating terrorists.

As a faculty member in the GSC School of Social Sciences, Stewart teaches courses on American government, political thought, law, public policy, public administration, various courses in philosophy and environmental studies. His research and study areas include disabilities, just war, terrorism, environmental policy, politics, and law and environmental ethics. He has an article forthcoming Fall/2011 in the Digest of Middle Eastern Studies titled "Just War and Terrorism: A New Policy Perspective." Stewart was born in Toronto, Canada and became a citizen of the United States when he was 16. He currently lives in Cumming.

Stewart said, "I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to listen and participate in the exchanges and interactions which we will all have in Israel. It should be useful experience for a course I plan to teach on Just War and Terrorism in the near future and other related academic activities."
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