Friday January 18th, 2019 9:51PM

Health department employees lose jobs in budget crunch

By B.J. Williams
GAINESVILLE - When the new fiscal year rolls around in Hall County, six employees will be without jobs at the District Two Health Department Office.

Dr. David Westfall, the Health Director for the 13-County District 2 office, said budget shortfalls originally had pointed to the elimination of 11 jobs in the Hall County office. One of those positions was re-assigned and four others were job vacancies that won't be filled.

Westfall noted that funding for public health services has suffered statewide for several years. He said the Hall County Commission was unable to provide enough additional funding to erase the health department's total deficit.

"We have cut everything that we can to streamline and make things efficient," explained Westfall. "We are holding people accountable for paying their share of fees when they're eligible to do so, but even after all that, we had a gap between our projected expenses and our projected revenue."

Westfall also anticipates cuts at other health offices in the 13-county area, although he did not have specific numbers available.
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