Tuesday October 17th, 2017 11:36PM

Who's running Clayton County schools?

JONESBORO - A Clayton County Board of Education superintendent who was fired earlier this week sued to get his job back Wednesday, a day after he was locked out of his office.

The school board voted 4-2 with one abstention to fire Dan Colwell at its meeting Monday night. William Chavis was named interim superintendent.

It was still unclear who is running the 50,000-student Clayton County school system.

In his lawsuit, Colwell listed the school board and five of its members as defendants. He's seeking a temporary restraining order which will allow him to keep working.

Colwell believes the firing was illegal, adding that school board members never told him they had a problem with his job performance. Some members said they had no confidence in him as a superintendent but declined further comment.

The board has planned to meet Friday night, where another vote on Colwell's dismissal could be taken. A hearing is scheduled earlier that day in Clayton County Superior Court.
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