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Arkansas' Cobbs arrested on drug, traffic charges

LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas running back Cedric Cobbs has been suspended indefinitely from the football team after being arrested on a variety of charges, including possession of marijuana. <br> <br> ``I&#39;m so, so disappointed in Cedric,&#39;&#39; Nutt said in a statement released Wednesday through the Arkansas sports information office. ``Players have a responsibility to themselves and to our team whether they are sitting on campus in a meeting room or they are at home over the semester break. <br> <br> ``They know what is expected of Razorback student athletes,&#39;&#39; said Nutt, who was in San Antonio for a coaches&#39; convention. ``Based on the information that I have at this time, I have suspended Cedric indefinitely from the Razorback football team.&#39;&#39; <br> <br> The MVP of the Cotton Bowl two years ago was arrested late Tuesday on drug and traffic charges after he was stopped for speeding on Interstate 30 in Little Rock. Cobbs, who turned 21 the day after his arrest, was released without bond early Wednesday from the North Little Rock station of the Pulaski County Regional Jail, a sheriff&#39;s deputy said. <br> <br> Cobbs, who attended J.A. Fair High School in Little Rock, was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, speeding, having no proof of insurance and not using his seat belt. He also was charged under the drug section of the state&#39;s driving while intoxicated law. Cobbs pleaded innocent to marijuana possession and will answer to the traffic charges later. <br> <br> Trooper Marshall Cooney said that, when he stopped Cobbs, he smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the driver&#39;s window. Cobbs told him he had smoked a marijuana cigarette, Cooney said. <br> <br> Cobbs was traveling 73 mph in a 60 mph zone when he was stopped about 11:40 p.m. on I-30 near downtown Little Rock, according to the state police report. <br> <br> ``I made contact with the subject and smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming out the driver window,&#39;&#39; Cooney said. ``Mr. Cobbs had marijuana crumbs on the front of his shirt.&#39;&#39; <br> <br> The trooper&#39;s report said he took Cobbs&#39; license and called for another vehicle to assist him and then wrote a citation. ``Mr. Cobbs stated he had smoked a blunt,&#39;&#39; the report said. <br> <br> Cooney&#39;s report said he seized marijuana in a paper container from Cobbs; an analysis from the state Crime Lab said the item was a half-gram of the drug. The trooper&#39;s report also said Cobbs submitted to a urine test. It could be two weeks before the results of the urine test are available. <br> <br> Ron Davis, Cobbs&#39; attorney, contended that any drugs in the vehicle did not belong to his client. <br> <br> ``At this point, what I&#39;m contending is they weren&#39;t Cedric&#39;s,&#39;&#39; Davis said. ``If in fact, there were drugs found there and we are not conceding that there have been drugs found in the vehicle at this point ... they certainly were not Cedric Cobbs&#39;.&#39;&#39; <br> <br> In a police video, Cooney asked the driver, identified as Cobbs: ``Is there anything that doesn&#39;t need to be in there? Grenades, guns, controlled substance, alcohol, anything? Do you mind if I search?&#39;&#39; <br> <br> ``You can search if you want to, if you have probable cause,&#39;&#39; Cobbs responded. <br> <br> ``What happened to all the crumbs that was on your ... oh, I can still see them in your lap,&#39;&#39; Cooney said. ``Is that my probable cause?&#39;&#39; <br> <br> The trooper continued: ``Smells like you&#39;ve been smoking in here, too.&#39;&#39; After a pause, the trooper says: ``So, do I need to tear this vehicle up or are you just gonna tell me?&#39;&#39; <br> <br> The driver replied: ``I mean you can search it, sir. There has been marijuana smoked in this vehicle. It has been, but I don&#39;t really carry no amount of substance because I know it&#39;s against the law.&#39;&#39; <br> <br> Two passengers were in Cobbs&#39; 1995 GMC Yukon, but they were not charged.
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