Wednesday November 22nd, 2017 3:21PM

AP Business - Poultry & Egg

Tyson Foods: New facility in Tennessee to create 1,500 jobs
Tyson Foods Inc. says it plans to build a new chicken production complex in Tennessee, a $300 million project that is expected to create more than 1,500 local jobs when the facility being operations in late 2019
1:27PM ( 2 days ago )
USDA petitioned to include poultry in humane slaughter law
Week before Thanksgiving, animal rights group asks U.S. Department of Agriculture to require more humane treatment for turkeys, chickens and ducks as they're sent to slaughter
2:45PM ( 1 week ago )
Kansas community fights becoming a 'chicken town' and wins
Residents used social media to organize protests to drive Tyson Foods away after it announced plans to build a chicken-processing plant in a northeastern Kansas bedroom community
6:06PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Koch Foods to build $0 million feed mill in eastern Alabama
One of the nation's largest poultry producers will build a $40.5 million feed mill in eastern Alabama
11:39AM ( 1 month ago )
Lawsuit: Oklahoma court-diversion program is exploitative
Three people have filed a class-action lawsuit against an Oklahoma-based addiction recovery program, saying it exploited them and other participants by forcing them to decide between going to prison or working for free at a poultry processing plant
12:14PM ( 1 month ago )
Technology firms and small companies lead US stocks higher
Stocks finish the third quarter by setting more records as technology companies and smaller, domestically-focused companies climb.
4:39PM ( 1 month ago )
Tyson Foods to invest $320M in new chicken plant in Kansas
Tyson Foods plans to invest $320 million in a new chicken-processing plant in northeastern Kansas that will employ 1,600 people
6:51PM ( 2 months ago )
Tainted eggs: Dutch court rules 2 suspects to remain jailed
A Dutch court says that two directors of a poultry farm cleaning company at the center of a Europe-wide tainted food scare must remain in custody for a further 30 days while investigations into their alleged involvement in the scandal continues
11:12AM ( 2 months ago )
Defying Europe's egg scare, Belgian town makes giant omelet
Defying rain and a tainted egg scandal that has shaken European consumers, a Belgian town has turned nearly 10,000 eggs into a giant omelet for the whole community
3:12PM ( 3 months ago )
Fear spreads over tainted eggs despite low risk to consumers
Fears over tainted eggs spread across Europe despite experts saying health risks are low
3:40PM ( 3 months ago )