Monday June 26th, 2017 10:02PM

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How the Senate health bill compares to House, 'Obamacare'
Comparing the Senate health care bill to its House counterpart and 'Obamacare'
4:13AM ( 3 days ago )
Georgia high court: State can't be sued without its consent
Georgia's highest court says the state can't be sued without its consent but also says state officials can be sued in their individual capacities to prevent them from enforcing state laws alleged to violate the state Constitution
2:35PM ( 1 week ago )
Georgia high court rejects challenge to 20-week abortion ban
Georgia's highest court has rejected a challenge to a state law banning most abortions after 20 weeks
9:45AM ( 1 week ago )
GOP weighs options as health bill faces hurdle on abortion
Senate Republicans working on high-stakes health care legislation are anticipating problems with abortion restrictions that their House counterparts have already passed
2:26PM ( 1 week ago )
Minor league team pitches pregnancy tests for Father's Day
A minor league baseball team in Florida has planned an unusual Father's Day promotion _ free pregnancy tests
10:07AM ( 1 week ago )
Zika birth defects in US territories similar to other places
In America's island territories, rate of Zika birth defects similar to other epidemic places
6:05PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Delaware protects abortion rights, efforts stall elsewhere
As the battle over abortion rights continues to spread from Washington to state capitals, Delaware lawmakers have taken the lead in ensuring that abortion remains legal if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned
4:01AM ( 2 weeks ago )
'Mom' star Janney visits, donates to Planned Parenthood
The star of the hit CBS sitcom "Mom" and one of its creators have paid a visit to the president of Planned Parenthood and dropped off a check for $250,000
7:29PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Study finds pregnancy seems safe for breast cancer survivors
A study gives reassuring news for breast cancer survivors who want to have children
2:43PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Texas lawmakers make few moves to address pregnancy deaths
Lawmakers in Texas largely failed to take significant action to address the state's skyrocketing rate of pregnancy-related deaths just months after researchers found it to be the highest in the developed world
9:35AM ( 3 weeks ago )