Thursday May 25th, 2017 2:59AM

Morning Talk

LISTEN: Brian Kemp on his run for Governor of Georgia
Brian Kemp, candidate for Governor of Georgia, visited WDUN's Morning Talk to discuss his campaign.
9:07AM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Dr. Emir Caner on the situation in the Middle East
Dr. Emir Caner joined Joel Williams on Morning Talk 4-12-17 to discuss the situation in the Middle East including the history of why things are as they are.
10:39AM ( 1 month ago )
LISTEN: Todd Starnes is coming to Gainesville
During his weekly visit with WDUN's Bill and Joel, Fox New Radio's Todd Starnes talked about his upcoming trip to Gainesville and the fact that he's got a number one book on his hands. He'll be signing his "Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again" Friday March 3rd and Long Street Café on Riverside Terrace from 11a-1p.
9:11AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Want your luggage to survive the trip? Pick the right suitcase.
Annita Thomas of Travel Bags on WDUN shares information on helping select the luggage right for the way you pack and the way you travel including the best features for surviving baggage handlers.
9:25AM ( 7 months ago )
LISTEN: The three "Deplorables" on Morning Talk tell their story
You've seen the t-shirts. Meet the women who created them and are proud to be "Deplorables" in support of Trump.
9:36AM ( 8 months ago )
LISTEN-Trump Policy Analyst Rear Admiral Chuck Kubic
Retired Rear Admiral Chuck Kubic, a policy analyst for Donald Trump, at the RNC with WDUN's Joel Williams and Mitch Clarke on what it's like working for Trump and the candidate's vision for America.
11:55AM ( 10 months ago )
LISTEN-RNC Insights with Joel Williams Day 4
Of law enforcement, demonstrators, and a nice town called Cleveland
11:55AM ( 10 months ago )
LISTEN-RNC Insights with Joel Williams Final Thoughts
Cleveland, GA and Cleveland, OH have more in common than you think.
11:55AM ( 10 months ago )
LISTEN-Fla. Congressman Ted Yoho at the RNC
Fla. Congressman Ted Yoho talks his work on changing leadership in the House.
11:10AM ( 10 months ago )
LISTEN-Ben Mankiewicz of Turner Movie Classics at the RNC
TMC's Ben Mankiewicz talks politics and political movies with WDUN's Joel Williams and Mitch Clarke at the RNC.
11:05AM ( 10 months ago )