Wednesday December 13th, 2017 6:12AM

Morning News with Bill & Joel

LISTEN: Military often face challenges when coming home for Christmas.
Coming home for the holidays should be a time of joy for returning military veterans, but many vest suffer from physical and emotional problems at a much greater rate than the general population. This often makes for a less than happy homecoming. Karen Cierazan of Cigna and Allison Jaslow, a vet and Executive Director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, offer insight into this situation. If you're a vet seeing support, the IAVA support line is free and open 24/7/365 at 885-244-6211.
11:01AM ( 19 hours ago )
LISTEN: I'm just no good at rhyming
Chris Harris, writer and executive producer for "How I Met Your Mother", talks about his latest work "I'm Just No Good At Rhyming". It's his debut children's book chocked full of amusing and silly poems he originally wrote for his own children.
3:58AM ( 1 day ago )
LISTEN: The untold life story of Gordon Lightfoot
Nicholas Jennings shares insights on Gordon Lightfoot with Bill and Joel. "Lightfoot" offers a close look at the life and career of one of Canada's most popular musicians.
3:58AM ( 1 day ago )
LISTEN: What's up with the Bah-Humbug billboards?
Dr. Alex McFarland, Director of Christian Worldview and Apologetics at the Christian Worldview Center of North Greenville University, talks about the war on Christmas and why atheists are so upset with Christians.
3:58PM ( 1 day ago )
LISTEN: The power of prayer and the trip back from rock bottom
Resilience expert and addiction survivor Fran Speake discusses addiction, hitting rock bottom, and using prayer to power her on her road to recovery. It's a thumbnail sketch of her book "Daughter of the King".
3:58PM ( 1 day ago )
LISTEN: Greg Bluestein of the AJC previews the 2018 Georgia Legislative session
Get an idea of what will and won't likely be on the agenda with the Georgia General Assembly convenes for the 2018 session with Greg Bluestein, political reporter for the AJC.
3:27PM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Fixing the NFL
Expert sports handicapper and author John Rothschild discusses the issues facing the NFL and what should be done to improve viewership and the game overall.
3:20PM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Sober Grid, the first app designed to those with addictions stay sober
Beau Mann discusses his first-of-its-kind app that helps addicts stay clean and sober. As a recovering alcoholic, Beau knows the struggle first hand.
3:20PM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: David Baldacci on his new thriller "End Game"
No stranger to the best seller list or the Bill and Joel Morning Show, David Baldacci is back with "End Game" and talked about putting together his latest thriller along with a tease of what fans can expect next.
9:50AM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Get great photos of Fido with help from Dr. Marie Lance
Taking pictures of your pet can be tricky. But with a little help from Dr. Marie Lance you can get some great shots. Avoid distractions and using a flash are just two of her helpful suggestions. Check out the interview with Bill and Joel for the rest.
9:25AM ( 3 weeks ago )