Monday January 23rd, 2017 3:28AM
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Morning News with Bill & Joel

LISTEN-Bimbo Brewer remembered by former co-hosts
The passing of our friend and former co-worker, Bimbo Brewer, saddens us. But remembering his charm and time on the air certain brings a smile. Two of Bimbo's former sidekicks took time to remember him on the WDUN Morning Show.
11:05AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN:Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton share their "Attitude of Gratitude"
The Very Fairy Princess is back in "Attitude of Gratitude". Co-authors Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton spoke with WDUN's Bill and Joel about this delightful new book for children and what it's like working together.
11:55AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: James Rickards talks "The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis"
The global economy has made what seems like an incredible comeback after the financial crisis of 2008. But James Rickards in an appearance on The Bill and Joel Morning Show says there's another one on the horizon that could overwhelm the central banks which he outlines in his book "The Road to Ruin".
11:27AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: How to be the perfect pet host this Holiday season
People coming to share the celebration this season? More and more folks are traveling with their pets. Annita Thomas of Travel Bags recently joined WDUN's BIll and Joel to share tips on how to be the perfect pet host.
11:27AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: David Baldacci talks his latest book "No Man's Land" and the writing process
John Puller is back in "No Man's Land". Author David Baldacci took time to talk with WDUN's Bill and Joel about the new book, his writing process, and what drives him.
11:27AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: 1776 to today...less has changed politically than you might think
Dr. Steven Pincus, author of "The Heart of the Declaration", talks with WDUN's Bill and Joel about the similarities of issues faced in the days of the Declaration of Independence's signing and today.
10:05AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Busting the myths of Low T
Dr. Brent Sharpe joined WDUN's Bill and Joel to bust some of the myths about treating low testosterone in men and women.
9:53AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Athletic Pets Get Sports Injuries Too!
Dr. Marie Lance explains the different sports injuries your active pet could suffer along with tips on avoiding and treating them.
9:36AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Calming bedtime fear of the dark
A recent study revealed that 73% of children 4-12 say they've experienced fear of the dark. That can cause chaos at bedtime for children and parents alike. Sandra V. Feder tells WDUN's Bill and Joel her latest book "The Moon Inside" can help.
9:37AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Life on the campaign trail can be full of surprises
Longtime political consultant Rick Ridder talks with WDUN's Bill and Joel about his new book "Looking for Votes in all the Wrong Places". Turns out there's a lot more to running a political campaign than picking a catchy slogan.
11:48AM ( 2 months ago )