Sunday June 17th, 2018 5:55PM

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Uber sued after data stolen by hackers covered up
Pennsylvania's attorney general is suing the ride-hailing company Uber, saying it broke state law when it failed to notify thousands of drivers in the state for a year that hackers stole their personal information
3:39PM ( 3 months ago )
Companies face mounting pressure to pick sides in gun debate
Companies take heat, balance relationship with NRA in wake of Parkland, Florida massacre
4:59PM ( 3 months ago )
Visitor logs for White House agencies to be made to public
The public soon will learn who's been visiting key White House agencies after Secret Service settles lawsuit over visitor records.
2:01PM ( 4 months ago )
EU not happy with Facebook, Twitter consumer rule remedies
The European Commission says social media giants Facebook and Twitter have only partially responded to its demands to bring their practices into line with EU consumer law
9:59AM ( 4 months ago )
Police: Consumer affairs reporter assaulted on assignment
Police say a widely-watched New York City consumer affairs reporter known for his on-camera confrontations on behalf of viewers was assaulted while on assignment in the Bronx
5:17PM ( 4 months ago )
Eurozone inflation falls despite buoyant economy
The eurozone economy may be enjoying its best growth spurt in a decade but there are precious few signs the recovery is fueling inflation
6:05AM ( 4 months ago )
Outdoor gear sales slip as millennials drive shift in habits
Analysts say sales of outdoor equipment are slipping as millennials drive changes in U.S. consumer habits, buying goods that are less specialized and more versatile
6:44PM ( 4 months ago )
NY decrees net neutrality for web firms with state contracts
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered internet providers to observe net neutrality or lose eligibility for state contracts
5:13PM ( 4 months ago )
Suit alleges Motel 6 discriminated against Latino customers
A new lawsuit alleges Motel 6 discriminated against some of its Latino customers in Phoenix by giving their personal information to U.S. immigration agents who later arrested at least seven guests
6:43PM ( 4 months ago )
Court tosses out $210M deal over Hyundai, Kia gas mileage
A federal appeals court has tossed out a roughly $210 million deal to compensate owners and leaseholders of dozens of Hyundai and Kia vehicles with overstated gas mileage figures
5:34PM ( 4 months ago )